LB Updates

just smelt his nob while taking a piss and it smelt like Stilton…



Reading this on my phone thought that said smelt like sutton.

is sick of the crap people post in their status updates e.g. I’m walking out the door, I’m waiting for a bus, I’m late for work. Get a life. Can I have some if there’s any left over? Thanks.

Best one I’ve read is a chick I know. She walked in on her fella smashing some las over the sofa and put up " I can’t believe I just walked in on my boyfriend fuc.king another bird" then the cheating boyfriend goes online, “likes” her status and replies “get a grip”. A true classic

I would have told her to stop watching and grab the balls. It’s the least she coulda done:P

Has just read this on my iPhone while getting out of bed…stubbing his little toe on his dresser and had to imedietley update his status!!


like :smiley:

True, can’t beat getting rimmed, maybe even slip a finger in for’s and giggles.

thinks the world is full of fools with no respect who display their lives for all the world to see

I dont know why its such an issue?

Its another form of communication. Jewlel and Shane, you’ve both posted some right [email protected] on there before. But who am I to complain?

‘friends’ are always changing. If you want to be ‘friends’ go for it. if you then get annoyed by there use of their own page, that you wanted to be part of, click the tiny X next to their next post. They will then be hidden. It still says your ‘friends’ as you may not to want to cause any issues.

I dont see the big deal…

I’m not complaining. I only use it for entertainment. Some people live on it. Some use it to stalk etc. I don’t care, it’s just another form of modern day communicating. I prefer face to face hence I don’t take it seriously.

Im stalking you boy! I need to call you soon. Sorry I haven mate :smiley:

No worries, I left you a dirty voice mail a while back but that was it. I’ve been slack lately with socialising but sadly more depressing matters at the moment.

I love the status updates where someone will say that they are at work or working hard, clearly they are not as they are on facebook updating their status :stuck_out_tongue: