lb trackday????

any thoughts of when and where its to be held this year??

im not doing that many trackdays this year and id like this to be one of them

did ask the same question not long ago,

seems to be in the pipe line:cool: cant wait

how comes your not doing many trackdays this year frog?

because theres only so many times you can fall off a bike in one year and get away with it? :wink:

That’s why he’s buying mine :cool:

Kev, more Cadwell this year ? :smiley:

i want to move, money is tight and i havnt got use of the van no more. il do 1 or two but i cant do as many as i did last year. i rekon i spent about £2500. wat with everything that goes with trackdays

jb ur just jealous that ur not as quick as me :P:D;)

I like to be behind you so I can catch the funny sh1t u do on film :wink:

don`t lie you just like watching my @rse :smiley:

thats just an added bonusi fear we have digressed from the topic :wink:

lol - now now children

yes when is it and where!? bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

does that mean your selling your track bike?

i got first dibs!!! :w00t:

what trackbike??? i`ve only got my k4 600 gixer. i was gona buy steves k4 750 off him but circumstnces have changed and i need to move out. pm him if your interested.

The wait’s over boys and girls;)