LB Trackday?

following on from my last post is there likely to be another LB trackday this year, would be nice to go with you lot and also pick up some advice along the way.

im not organising it though :smiley: maybe the next time

Unfortunately lots of people talked but not as many came forward so there were not enough people to get an exclusive.

If you put up a trackday here (especially brands) then a fair number of the track regulars will probably come :slight_smile:

Although this year as i am working a contract (paid by the day) doubt if I am going to make any weekday trackdays this year… :frowning:

thats a shame, oh well i’ll just book mine up and then post it on here for others to join

Can’t wait to get a big bike, I’d be up for an LB trackday!

what are you waiting for?!

Money ;[ should do my test by… Feb/March, with a new bike by June/July. I hope!

I will be back on track by March :smiley:

well i didnt buy leathers and boots to look good:)

any day now i will have another bike

I’m still due my first track day. Itching last year, but didnt make it. So my eyes are peeled…

gotta try a trackday myself…never done one, just a case of checking various sites and tracks for novice ones :slight_smile:

maybe all us novices should book onto the same one once the weathers good?

im looking at brands hatch but if others are further away we can try and find something in the middle

200 miles north is the next one :slight_smile:

:smiley: that was easy. Brands it is!!! now wheres that sun gone?

silverstone, rockingham or bedford for me :slight_smile:

Dude, I’d be up for that definately!!


I’m itiching for another Trackday too!

Rockingham sounds good!

I keep an eye out on the posts if you want to group ride up:cool:

I believe it was difficult to find a venue and TDO who could accomodate so many slow riders. :wink:

The biggest problem is the extra work load for the recovery guys. :slight_smile:

did anyone contact Asda about their carpark? :wink:

I did just that young man, I even went down to test it out.Sadly I threw my orange teddy in the corner after being lapped by 3 lads riding 'round on a single C90. :frowning: