Just incase peeps have missed the updated info in the Trackdays post.We’ve negotiated a discount for an LB Snetterton Trackday but we need a minimum of 10 for the discount.


Who’s got their hands up?:wink:

Can’t see the price anywhere ? :slight_smile:

It’s all on Page 6 of the linked thread

LB Price will be £80 instead of the usual £89 MSV price

Good work Chunky fella.

If I’m in the UK I’ll be there.

With 2 long straights it will be a great chance for the plastic missile riders to take revenge. I’ll consider myself a slow moving target!

Work allowing I’ll give it a go… revett straight on a 748. :w00t:

When do you need conformation?

Up for this :slight_smile: A bit anxious about my 750 though. Last time I went there, the K5 decimated even the instructors with me onboard down the straights.

wont be doing this one, my poor little 400 wont handle the long straight lol might come along to watch though, will also see if lee wants to do it :smiley:

I’ve done countless days there on a 250.

Obviously you go a lot slower down the straights, but it’s still a decent day.

That’s cause you weigh less than my little finger lol :wink:

Can’t make this one as I have no holiday left to allocate. Have fun people! Its a good price!

+1 lots of time to think about the corners :smiley:

I deffo in for the inters group, we need 10 in a group for the discount!