LB trackday in April

Hi guys.

I really want to do the LB trackday in April, but realise my leathers are not going to be good enough. I was looking on ebay for a cheapish suitable 2 piece, but since chucking my bike down the road the other day, have spent all my money trying to repair it. Still want to do the day tho and think if i’m ever going to do one, it should be this one.

…So, I was wondering if any one has an old pair of leathers suitable for a track day that they dont use any more that they would be willing to lend to me or sell cheaply to me??

…+ I’ve been looking at the pictures of previous track days n stuff and was wondering if its even a good idea for me to do one. I definately don’t have any where near the experience of most of you guys, or anything like the bikes you have and looking at all those pics of people getting their knees right down on those corners makes me have second thoughts a bit! I know i’d be in the novice group, but I do wonder how novice this group actually is. Cheers. :smiley:

trust me when i say you will be absolutely fine no matter what your experience or bike in the novice group. The instructors will give you loads of support and to be very honest, the people doing trackdays for the first time on big sportsbikes are only making life hard for themselves wheras starting on a modest bike is a great way to learn and progress.

I’m sure someone will be along soon to lend some gear. I’m down to my last set so unfortunately can’t help there but get it booked and enjoy it.

You’ll have a great time, I did my first bike track day at Snetterton only a couple of months after passing my test as it’s a great way to learn, you can make mistakes and have a bit of fun without causing yourself or other people any danger.

Last weekend one of the faster people in my group was on a Bandit and I’ve seen you ride through London . . . :P;)

How tall are you Rockerthingamy?

I’m nearly 6 foot.

Blimey! What inside leg is that then? Play along here, I may be able to help.

33’’ I think, my clothes dont normally ask this. (could be 31’’, depends where you stop measuring)

Well I’ve got 5 race suits here that would prolly fit you. The ends of the legs wouldn’t be perfectly on your ankles but with proper boots over them no-one would know.

Seeing as they’re all second skin on me they would be a bit baggy on you (I’m guessing you’re no built like a brick **** house!). I reckon they would be (goes into girlie mode) a size 10 to 12.

From memory, I think the ducati ones are the smallest.

I could sort out a back protector if you need one.

I’m sure you’ll get a better offer in the next couple of months but if not, I can only wear one set at a time.

Oh, that’s to borrow them FOC.I couldn’t sell any, I’m emotionaly attached to them all for a load of silly reasons!If you want to look like a mid 90’s throwback I also have these, they are my bestest!

That’s really good of you.

I’m definately not built like a brick **** house, but size 10 is pretty damn skinny, i’m about a 34’’, so dunno if they’d fit?

They must be 38 to 40 inch chest.

I reckon I was a bit conservative with the girlie sizes!

They are a squeeze on me because of my shoulders but having noticed your pic, I’m sure you’d get into them.

Yeah, a bit conservative! :stuck_out_tongue: I reckon they should fit me then!

Like the Dainese ones, didn’t know they came in those colours! :wink:

LOL - they haven’t for over ten years!Scott Ru$$ell wore those on the way to becoming the only rider to win WSB on a in line 4 750. He’s my all time favourite rider, I have his lid design as a base for a tattoo. He even bought me and my gurl a drink when we met him at Daytona. (You’ll be relieved to find out the lining is removable for washing.) :w00t:

I really wouldn’t worry about it. Sure, I get butterflys every time I’m about to go on track but it’s so much fun. I’ve only ever been in the novice group (I’ve only done four days) and everytime I’ve been out, people have been very fair to beginners.

As for cornering, well some of the time I feel it would be quicker for me to get off and walk (especially on left handers) and I still have a fantastic time, so believe me, it really doesn’t matter.

Hope this encourages you to do it, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! :slight_smile:

Cool, that makes me feel better, think the left handers will get me too!

But there do seem to be a load of people coming along just to watch, that makes me even more nervous! I’m confident enough in my own riding skills when its just me, but not so much in front of loads of other people.

I wouldn’t worry about it, most LB’ers are very supportive and encouraging, they will also give you really good advice. Before you know it, the red mist will descend and every time someone over takes you it will be like they just insulted you and you’ll be after them :slight_smile: (Or is that just me?)

I wish I was able to make it :frowning:

I know how you feel, but I will tell you now, the people that will be there will help you a lot, they won’t judge you. Even if you are pretty much upright thru druids :ermm: :Whistling: It is a great laugh, would definitely recommend it.

Shame you didn’t make it today, I had a spare set in the car you could of tried for size.

Hi, cheers,

Hope it was a good day.

I would have come along, but i’ve been stuck at work all day.

haven’t booked it yet, hearing about people having offs today hasn’t exactly helped me make up my mind.

I’m sure you’ll be fine and It’ll be a memorable experience for the right reasons. Only a small minority fall off.

On the LB days you’ll be in good company and always someone available to help a damsel in distress.

Warning: It is addictive:cool: