LB to be on a Gameshow watched by Millions!!!

…Scroll down…smiled:D.

Oh god were in trouble now:w00t:

Somebody’s gonna be buying a lot of tea/coffee and or cake if they are spotted on the Telly…

Don’t let the fame go to your head :wink:

Shane you do know we are in the real world now? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: :kiss:

someone explain to him crimewatch isn’t a gameshow

hahahahaha! pmsl!

i likes that one:D

ebarassing bodies live isn’t a gameshow either, felt really sorry for you and your crusty c*ck last night while i was flicking through my tele box. :smiley:

It’s that cuboid-box game isnt it? Or maybe the “how much money is in my box”-swap-shop game?

Either way …

My lord … there will be swearing :smiley:

Well… that should ruin LB’s reputation, where are you going to find a member thats normal enough to appear on telly? There’s no-one normal on here :smiley:

Oh yes now ya talking boys I love a good old game show me! I have been on big break myself do you remember it? I even done virgos trick shot, had to jump the white ball over a JCB and into the far right pocket.

Went on blind date aswell. Got invited on there to improve viewer rankings well let’s face it cilla black wasnt much to look at,buck teeth and ginger hair ain’t a blessing poor cow. After I had been on the show they had a 80% increase in viewers. I ended up with a BBC award aswell got it on the fireplace

At least I Ended up releasing the valve a few times though got a week in blue lagoon in Iceland with some Swedish bird not only did she have massive tits they were perfectly rounded aswell. Like footballs.

Peace out…

Jeremy Kyle? hahaha :smiley:

Takeshi’s Castle :w00t:

OMG thats a wicked idea!!!

News updated

Smiled , Tobi1knobi and Flats will take part in the most extreme driving challenges imaginable…

What do we mean by extreme?

Try these for size:-

Being chased by 2 police cars across an industrial landscape complete with tight turns, lethal obstacles and plenty of walls for the coppers to smash you into!

Take part in a version of the Stephen Spielberg’s ‘Duel’ as you attempt to avoid 2 juggernauts hell bent on destroying your everyday family saloon!

An automotive equivalent of the gladiatorial duels of ancient Rome. We’ll find ourselves in a deep pit accompanied by a host of evil fork lifts, JCBs and bull-dozers hell bent on destroying your vehicle!

Avoiding incoming tank fire!

Approaching a 16ft ramp with sufficient speed to jump 6 buses!

Our team will be operating the cars from a safe distance thanks to a combination of state of the art radio control systems, the very latest robotic technology and real time video links. We will be competing in these destructive challenges from the comfort of an arcade style simulator

But this is no game! We will be controlling a selection of full size, real cars in a variety of high octane challenges. Cars will be destroyed!

This will be on Channel Dave so please watch out for us and give us a cheering team…we will most prob be up against cage drivers so this is the time and the place to show the world that bikers…no…LONDONBIKERS are not too be messed with!!!

we will update you with the next stage and blog on this page so please keep an eye on it!!!

thanks all…that is all…


Lucky Flats has a Wolwo , used to the tank !

we gotta have a mass meet up for the showing of said show.

We’ll have to go to someone’s to watch it anyway as we don’t have a TV:D You offering Choprocker?;):slight_smile:

Projector in Covent Garden! :smiley:

and there was me thinking it was going to be blind date