LB Summer Bash

Due to the sunshine and general good weather-ness we’re blessed with we need some sort of get together.

Since all the events on the events page have died a death, except perhaps Duxford (an unlikely place for such a bash) I’ll presume some weekend long camping event type thing isn’t popular anymore.

So I’m gonna talk to Rixxy, he has plans and they tend to be brilliant, and then we’ll see what we can hatch.

I’ll come. Despite the fact I am old now and getting fatter by the year and have dodgy knees and a bad back, I can still do an LB knees up (or knees down for you young track day folks) :wink:

I was actually talking about a camping trip yesterday :slight_smile:
Only reason we didn’t plan one yet was because we just did one at the LB god of the pod event. Andrew, let me know if you want it sorted and ill plan one ASAP :slight_smile:

How come i find out about this stuff on here:D Happy to sort something, It will involve booze and naked dancing so get you strips waxed and a new pair of boogie shoes!:w00t:

Im up 4 that just NO DODGEMS :smiley:

We have fond memories of the Sausage Sizzle

because it’s the weekend :slight_smile:

I’ll bug you officially tomorrow.

Well that’s fair dinkum as they say,

Why don’t we sort something central with James for the near future and then look at a camping weekend after the schools go back (presumably it’ll be cheaper and easier to find a suitable campsite) say September?

Did someone say OMC BBQ?

sounds a plan my man :slight_smile:

How about an organised rideout to the Ace? Oh no, the police are out knicking anyone they can to appease the local residents who bought a house next to the North circular road but don’t seem to appreciate the noise of traffic :smiley:

you did. I approve.


although the OMC barbecue is fun, i thought Rixxy was in charge of organizing this?

give him a chance to get things sorted before we come up with alternatives shall we.

Oh yes. Sorry. It was the thought of all that meat that threw me! :smiley:

Rumour is that where ever it takes place Andrew&7 will be buying all the drinks ?

September for a camping trip sounds good to me i should be all walking and back on the 650 by then XD

yes i remember he said that too! :laugh: :smiley:

Well I was going to suggest camping at the Ace, Brighton Burn up or whatever it’s called!