LB Stickers

Am I correct in thinking Cezar is no longer around?

If that’s the case, from whom can I reorder stickers, please?

I sent a cheque in November (it’s not been cashed) and I’ve looked around the site for somewhere to send another but can’t find anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

actually id really like some as well…


PM mattcbf600 he can sort it, I looked on the store but couldn’t find the stickers.

try looking in the Lb store, links on the home page.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ll contact mattcbf600.

P.S. No stickers in the store.

you are right there are no stickers in the store in that case pm matt or jay, and i withdraw my previous suggestion

i withdraw my previous suggestion

It was received gratefully and may now save others from trawling fruitlessly through the Store.

Thanks all

so wots hapinin how do we get hold of these stickers…hold a seance or wot ?

them stickers are like dinosarous… extinct,

We’ve just got a new sticker batch in after some down-time with them. They’re fab and easy to apply, unlike previous ones. The best bit? They’re cheaper! I’ll post up details in a sec, just got to confirm something…

Thanks everyone…

by the way jay wheres the pics from the newby meet ?

i will buy 6 when your sorted !


They should be free to achieve their maximum potential. Come on, dish 'em out… you know it makes sense, Rodders. Monge too…

Paul I put some pics in the mewbie meet thread


Great news guys we have the stickers as Jay has already said - just £2 - PM me or grab me at The Ace on Friday night or at the Wednesday night meet.