LB Stickers

putting on LB u have to dip them in water first or what


No. You smooth them over the area you want them to stick to and remove the top layer very carefully, so that only the letters stick to the bike.

Do what I did…they are “Iron On” !..

No!?? you didn’t Barro! lol

Good morning Cez…and I almost did …remember my newbie meet…at the Ace…

Id already gone through 5 sets…Foxy saved the day !!!..

(newbies see newbie meet post, you,ll love it)

Today Cez have my seats done…

"Help and Advice I got the guy from…

when i peel the top bit all the letters r still on the bottom bit of paper

lol, you have to bend the paper slowly making sure the letter will stay on the plastic bit, you can use your nail to help it a bit, if you need help mate we can fit it for you on the next meeting

lol, yes , I remember, lol

foxy foxy foxy…and the bonus is…she always looks good doing it in the photos !!!

but they werent straight!!!