LB Stickers on a BSB Bike !!!!

Yup we’ve broken in to the big time.

Everybody cheer on young Aaron, they’re not the flash’est team on the grid by any means but you gotta to be in it to win it!

Be proud everyone, you all make this site what it is.





That’s fantastic Andrew … :smiley:

Catch up tomorrow :cool:

THAT is fantastic news!! It’s great that LB is getting Superbike coverage. Well done boys and girls :cool:

Let’s hope young Aaron does well this weekend (fingers crossed).

Big up LB!

I’m proud as can be at what we’ve achieved. This is only the tip of the iceberg with what we are working on for this year in the BSB paddock. More news to come later in the season.

Rock on Aaron [Smile] Good luck for … er, today.

Oh, and rock on LB’ers :slight_smile:

Have we got them on for this year? Do I need to suggest that the support continue? Meant to go and have a look, but I can take a load with me to the garages at Oulton? Anyone else you want me to target? :smiley:

Yep, we’re on the new bikes! We’re looking to do more with the Red Viper guys…

If LB can get me a couple of stickers sent up, I will have a chat with Jon ‘Boy’ Paine, KTM Super Cup and get them stuck on his bike.

Thanks Steve! PM me your address please and tell me the colour of the bike.

Tom Tunstall is now sporting LB livery on his Superbike this weekend at Oulton Park as well after some quid pro quo work…



its a shame Al Fagan wasnt able to do more in bsb…ah well, can still get my monthly fix of tubs with fastbikes anyway :w00t: