LB stickers are finally in the house!

I have finally got the new batch of stickers! So, for those of you that are after some, please email me at [email protected] with your full postal address.

You can pay it by cheque, Paypal or Cash on next Wednesday at the Cubanas. It costs £3.00 per pair.

Also I’d like to remind you that the LB T-shirts are still on sale and we count on your support.



PS: The sticers are on Black,Silver and white.

woohoooo, asked Jay for some last night! Got to logo up my bike now havent I! Would be rude not to.

Mail on it’s way soon.

Are the silver ones in a matt finish or chrome?

Email sent

Email sent here too!

Money sent!

You want me to mail you or Cezar?

See ya Pm anyway

Thanks for the support guys!

about flippin time!¬!!! hehe, only kidding, im in need of 2 silver sets please!!

wot they look like?

Are they just lettering or the londonbikers logo like above?

See here mate!

I suppose I better get a set ! Been boring you lot for long enough now !

One set of Silver stickers please, will bring the dosh on Wednesday.

Guys, I’m not being able to make to the Cubanas meeting as it has clashed with other compromises I can’t avoid at moment. I may have to travel to Manchester Tuesday night so to make sure you get your stickes it would be better if we do this by post. Sorry about that

Ok, I have now got 9 envelops here that I cant close… lol

I need you to tell me the colour of your stickers and how many you want? ‘Some’ can be 2 or 10… Please if you are sending me a paypla payment I need you to tell me there what you need as your email address and your real name doesnt give a clue who you are and what we have spoken before… Also It’s just too many of you for I be able to look for the link between your real name, avatar name, pms and emails

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding




You at Cubana’s tonight mate, if so I’ll grab a set of the silver stickers of you please.

Dont think he can make Cubana for a while Trojan.

I got mi stickers stuck!