LB Sponsors Valentino Rossi for 2008!

After seeing the testing photos in the Yamaha MotoGP story below, I thought what would the bike look like in LB colours? After realising I’d have to do a LOT of work to make it work, I gave up and just threw a few things on. Worth a laugh eh? :slight_smile:




I hope you give young Jorge the same effect;)

Looks sweet!! :cool:

Looks good to me, very eye catching. You’d certainly be able to recognise it out on track:cool:

Good to see Jorge going well in his first test on the bike too:cool:

Very good Jay, Are you going to have this paint scheme to your bike now HAHA

I’d rather have it on a tee shirt;)

Or a hoodie :wink:

nice effort jay!

wanna job?:smiley: if i had photoshop and a mac at home i’d have a go myslef, dont have time at work:w00t:

Or a sweatshirt;)

Or a fleece :wink:

Jay ring them up and suggest that.:smiley:

Or a vest;)

Or a bra :wink:

Or a thong :wink:

Or Boxers;)

Or long johns :wink:

Or an Anorak…hmmmm maybe not;):smiley:

Stop it, merchandise coming soon :slight_smile:

A job? I’m no artist, I just get by with marginal Photoshop skills. For instance, I couldn’t overlay the logo much better without losing the blackness and contrast. Know how I could?

well it looks pretty good, dragged off the pic, but i cant see it very clearly goes too bitmapped, you would be able to make it look better by messing with opacity and ghosting it using layers, its a bit hard to explain, much easier to show. plus i could take hours doing something like it as a job at work.

sterling effort tho fella:D