LB shirt

well…me and my LB shirt (ohh yeah and my family) are on holiday in st lucia…i’m gonna post some pictures of LB shirt avin a good time drinking beer and catching some rays…!!!

maybe its the start of a new comp…“where’s LB shirt”… (bit like where’s wally)

watch this space…!


Nice one - nothing like spreading the word. Have a great hol out there.

I’ll be wearing mine in St. Maarten in January! off for two weeks…cannot wait.

Hehehe, nice one Nick! Good idea, look forward to the pics, have a nice time.

you nutcase LB shirt drinking beer and catching rays, i should have taken mine to amsterdam and you could seen mine on the floor of not one but two whore houses both on the same day… i still got it in me

I like the idea of that… He he he… All I need to do now, is book a holiday…