LB Saga Massive

In response to a recent comment made on the “Most Handsome Guys on LB” thread, where Dannyboy & Judge Jools thought it amusing to poke fun at the eligability for some LBers to join Saga, we are proud to present “The LB Saga Massive”

Not content with being the founder member of the Cueball Massive, we now invite fellow over 50s to come out of the closet and join this elite group:)

Julie claims she is not yet eligable!:stuck_out_tongue:

We plan to organise short (not more than 300 mile) rideouts for cream teas and enough bends to bring it up on the way home.

Longer rides in the planning include:-

Porto on the ****.

Western Scotland highlights and lowlife.

Rio for a Brazilian and a quick nip and tuck (members only this is a long ride and not pleasant when you get there)

Eastbourne-the long way round ( Dover for the continent, Eastbourne for the incontinent as the BR posters used to say!)

Any nubile LBers fancying a bit of oldie action will be welcome to join in our events if they can take the pace and are willing to help us mount…

Put my name down please, for September 2018 :smiley:

We’ll get you out on a cake rideout before then we bet:D:D

I can join in 10 years time.

2028 for me, sigh

From Gill (I’ve hijacked Mo’s sign in !!!)

Put us down as members 2 and 3 ( as Julie is not eligible to be an official member !!!):):slight_smile:

Do we come out of the closet or the commode ???:w00t:

OMG!!! 2032 for me :blink:

Gladly 7 years to early for me but have been accused of Granny Grabbing so might rock up with a Zimmer, pessary and bag to offer moral if not surgical support to the next Alzhiemers run…thats if you lot dont have a senior moment and forget why your dressed up leather.

in the spirit of things and to support you all we could convert a van into a mobile toilet for you, it could be a bit of a trek between rest stops, your bladders probably aren’t what they used to be. :P;)

I’ve got a portaloo Simon could fix to his Pan for you lot, as I’m too young to belong to your old saga elite. :smiley:

Sounds ideal for Terry Moto and Tugs. :slight_smile:

I think that we need a Mid Life Crisis Massive as well, for those that are too young to join the Saga Massive

wat exactly counts as mid life?


damn still to young :smiley:

You could be an honourary member, until you are old enough

story of my life :smiley:

Thank you very much but unfortunately I dont think I can join as I dont own a Porche or a Harley :smiley:

Wow! Didnt realise you were all so young, most of you dont look it:D

Anyway looks like us oldies can look forward to a nice tight possy:P

Yup officialy n old goat can i join ?:smiley: