LB Ruby Nite Update

Roll up Roll up…last call folks…

Please see the ride out section and DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD.

Thank you


Gutted I wont be able to make this Sincere

hope you guys enjoy this!!

and if anyone needs it after


andrex may be???

What is the date of the meal?

5th of August Foxy!

Doh… WSB at Brands for me… Next time eh…

is it best to leave the bike at home that night?

its up to you. the general idea is so people can leave the bikes at home for once, smart clobber and loadsa wine


dont tell him that he will turn up in that cowboy outfit now the one with the pink hat and the red feather boa

well you shouldn’t have let him borrow it!

my wardrobe consits of two pairs of jeans some combats two pairs of shorts and few t shirts, no feathers and nothing pink, i bet fazers is the oppisite