LB Ruby Nite - Special Thanks xx

I just wanted to say thank you to:

Matt & Mrs C; Keti & her boyf; Claire; LSD; flyby; Baby Polar Bear; Macp; PBZ; Ginger and Barro for a lovely night.

The restaurant was lovely with much needed air con! No sticky carpet in this joint! Lovely décor and friendly staff too. The food was delicious (all three courses) and the company was superb. The restaurant also had a policy whereby you could bring your own alcohol, which was a bonus. So to Matt’s delight he enlisted a bottle of High Commander (Iceland’s best whiskey at £4 a bottle) to be the tipple of the evening – which I believe was more toxic than petrol but gently helped down with some rola cola!

I have also put some of my pics on the forum which are under Matt’s.

I thanked the staff from all of us for being so kind and so efficient.

Once again, thank you lovely people for making it such a special night, I wouldn’t have been able to organise it without you guys.

Love ya loads



Genius night Lou - thanks for organising it - had a great time - let’s do it again soon.


Yeah well done!

hey lou, sorry i couldnt make it, hope you had a good time!

did you also thank them for us ripping the place apart when we were searching for barros phone,

a great night had by all thanks angain lou for a wonderful evening hopefully we could do something like a pizza night coz everybody likes pizza (well i do anyway)

we could do pizza and a film? only a suggestion?

on the back row if you want

you`ll be on your own if thats the case!!!

Well Saturday night at 8 o’clock
I know where I’m gonna go
I’m gonna pick my baby up
And take her to the picture show

Everybody in the neighbourhood
Is dressing up to be there too
And we’re gonna have a ball
Just like we always do

Saturday night at the movies
Who cares what picture you see
When you’re hugging with your baby in last row in the balcony

Well there’s technicolor and cinemascope
A cast out of Hollywood
And the popcorn from the candy stand
Makes it all seem twice as good

There’s always lots of pretty girls
With figures they don’t try to hide
But they never can compare
To the girl sittin’ by my side

all together now!..

Big thanks to you Lou for pulling it all together. Very nice to see LondonBikers out of a biking context.

Look forward to the next one.

Did anyone discover if Barro found his phone?

yeah - luckly enough it turned up thank the lord!!

As Matt said top night Louly. The start of many I hope and If not pizza how about Africa as I know you know where there’s a good one of them.

A big thanks to Lou