LB Ruby Night Pics

Hi guys - i know a few of us took photos last night - so here are mine - post yours up here too!


here’s mine! BTW wicked pics matt xx





oh dear I look quite drunk!


Very merry and a little bit ROSEY!!!

yeah just a bit!

Bilmey, Barro and Ginger scrub up well dont they

Everyone looked really cool and very relaxed!!

Lovely pics of a lovely evening. What’s with the monster size pics, Matt - I thought the Mac had a decent photo editor?

bigger the better

Yeah but the problem is my mac is at work and I’m using my wifes PC at home… I’ll resize them when I get to work - I did try on the pc but it keep crashing all the time.


Looks like you guys had a fab time!!!

nice pics

I just remembered that I took some pics. I’ll upload em tonight at some point possibly…

Gutted I had to miss it!!

Top night cheers again Louly

More people next time though

my wife has just posted this to the review sites about East is East…

Our evening at East is East served up more than we expected. Yes the food was good and yes the staff were very attentive. Too attentive in fact - in a virtually empty restaurant a friend’s mobile phone and wallet disappeared from the table. Following a search of the dining area and staff searching the kitchens, there was no sign of the belongings. However, when threatened with action, both miraculously turned up the next day, despite phone company records tracing the phone to Basildon in the early hours…our friend was lucky - you have been warned.

Sorry I missed another event with peeps…one day…soon!!!

Looks as if you had a good time!!

Looks good guys, shame I couldn’t make it, it clashed with WSB, but look forward to the next installation

First lot…


Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg

Pic 3.jpg

Second lot!


Pic 5.jpg

Pic 4.jpg

Pic 6.jpg

Very nice - I like those :slight_smile: