LB Rim stickers! What you guys think?

Hey, what you think on those stickers?


Cezar, black beauty lives!! I was begining to think it was a cardboard cutout They don’t look bad at all.

MMmmm, they look ok, but think i will stick to just my fairing ones at the mo.

Maybe a bit of LB overkill on my bike with these, just my opinion.
They do look good on black wheels though, just not so sure on my gold rims…

Your bike is looking good Cezar

We don’t have them to sell! I got it from a guy out of Ebay! Someone posted it here and I thought on have a go! I will post some pics of the bike on the members gallery! Thanks guys

Badman, I wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t black man, no way

Was gonna say, that’s an old photo if the bike is outside LOL LOL

Must be a photoshop job then

I’m happy with my stickers ta, but rim-tape away mate. Besides, the uneven weight distribution around the wheel would doubtless ruin the knife-edge balance that the zx7r represents, and so no thanks. LOL

My head says gay as fook, but somehow I’m thinking not too bad!

Try and read them at 30mph ?

I’m suprised the bike hasn’t disintegrated, there sun light hitting it!!! lol

Would maybe be a little better if there was more then one sticker on each wheel?