LB / Rideout / Track Footage Wanted

I’m rather keen to edit together a LB promo so was wondering whether anyone has any LB, rideout, track footage or photos?

I will of course travel to collect and if needs be digitise on site

Of course there’ll be a credit for all contributers.

Also are there any other media bods out there?



Go!!! Mo

Ive been waiting for another video…love em…I,ll have a look to see if I have anything really worth offering but good luck anyway and if you need any help at all, drop me a line

I have a fair bit of track footage Mo. I’m laid up at the moment ill, but will contact you about it tomorrow.

must have about 20hrs of on bike footage from various trakdays/bike hols. Trouble is finding the time to do anything with it.

footage includes some of ace, chelsea bridge, and soho. Have some of the AWOL boys doin their stuff.

I am, as we speak editing a copy of the ST George run.

You are more than welcome to trawl thru it if ya wants.

That would be tops Puppy.

I’m used to trawling and finding soundbites and outtakes for edits etc, so as long as you don’t mind me borrowing your footage

Poor sicky baby.