LB Pool Night

Just thinking guys that we were gonna have another one of these -

If only to have ane attempt to take the crown away from Cezar

I think we said 22 June?

Bring it on, time to get me pool bat out

pool bat

how do you play???

Noooo not this thurs, I couldn’t make it, how about a week on Monday 24th?

I can only play good when I’ve had a few tho

id like to see you play lol

so can everybody make it on the 24th monday

i cant really do thursday too much to spend out on

Don’t forget, I lived in a pub for 10 yrs and was Captain of the Sunday league pool team Multi-skilled me lol

Ohh and I meant Mon 26th of this month

Me thinks somebody is setiing themselves up for a big fall … of course only if you do get yer bum whipped


I’ll second that Charly and if we’re playing for money, someone keep an eye on Cezar’s fingers…there were some very mobile balls on that table…the white one in particular

Sometimes even without a cue anywhere near it

Arrrrrrrrrrrr yeah !!

and lots of sexy american girls trying to get in lb photo,s eh !!!..(see cez for sneaky pics)

Ok boys! when you want to do that? Just let me know a date that please you!

what about the 27th?

OK! I will be conatcting the venue then!

i’ll come to if thats ok however if anyone beats me im gonna bum u into next week with the snooker cue…

nice one aj…and ohh yea…no burn outs this time…promise…

better start meditating to prepare for this rumble…

by the way…the girlies play dirty fella’s…

hustler smiled.

abbey u talking pool as in swimmimg pool …yes plz …lol

ehrm no…

but if you really want to go swimming…

i can dunk you in the thames

Gutted, the thought of a whole lot of Londonbikers frollicking in a pool was wierdly interesting

so what date we having 26th or 27th i think 26th

but im game if anybody else is

so what date we having 26th or 27th i think 26th

but im game if anybody else is