LB Pie-Off 2010

No mate, not even a sniff - just saw the photos as you did:crying:

Righto I’ll try again and be at the Ace Sunday morning to defend my title!

this is my attempt! not bad for a first go!!:smiley: Apple and Sultana double crust pie!! and a little bit of pastry left over just to keep it bike related:D











Awww, love the last picture:)

Adjudication question #1 - Who made the pastry?:wink:

I reckon Adam’s holding Nigella hostage as a chef slave!:smiley:

I’d like to hold Nigella hostage. :slight_smile:

Bet you’d be testing her apple dumplings in no time;)

American pie springs to mind…I know what you boys are really doing all this baking for!:w00t:

Right, if anyone is up for the live finale we will bet at the Ace Sunday morning with a couple of entries hopefully - the American entry of ‘Pumpkin Pie’, and another extra special entry from me! (if it works out ok)

Thinking about 50p a slice for the LAA…thoughts/competition?

Alex, what time is this event taking place?

I did the pastry myself!!!:Dout of a premix packet:D. I wanna make another pie now!! No way I can make the ace on Sunday though!

Was thinking morning before the jetstream ride, but since it looks like there won’t be one maybe evening?

whats next ? an all male bikini contest :laugh:

One more, since we felt Rossi needed some pie representation…

Plum, Rhubard and Apple pie, with custard inside :D. ‘Bled out’ a bit, but turned out ok so far (haven’t yet tried to eat it to see what happens to the custard)

If no challengers (or at least eating volunteers) arise, this will be eaten too so no complaining if you don’t get to taste it! :stuck_out_tongue:



Could we have a Hayden 69 pie pls?

That’s next! Thinking apple and toffee again, will do that tonight anyway

Nomz xx

Sssshhhh, we don’t want everyone to know!:smiley:

Well Adam, that is slightly more effort than Mr Gold put into opening the packet of Jus-roll for his:D It also appears that you peeled and cut your own apples (his were provided ready-prepared from our freezer)

So - we think that puts you in the lead so far:D:D