LB Pie-Off 2010

So, a discussion about the greatness of Pumpkin pie led to my attempt at pie world domination using the great apple pie as my trusty weapon of choice, aided by some hand picked English blackberries and toffee sauce. The end result was a true work of art (of the pie variety). Due to someone suggesting I make it into a Jorge Lorenzo tribute pie (the world title having fallen days earlier - yes I took a while to post this), I am giving this exhibit the title of ‘99 Problems but a Pie ain’t one’

First you need a crust:

Beat an egg to glaze it with (JD glass optional but gives extra points):

Add apple, blackberries, toffee sauce and cinnamon/ginger:

Add top, ‘artistic finishes’ and egg glaze:



With thanks to the Jetstreams for emotional support, apples from their tree and in-depth cooking instructions!

What’s that you say? You can make a better pie? Let’s see them then! (or preferably taste them at the Ace :smiley: )

Are you really challenging me to make a better pie? :wink:

The proof is in the pudding!

P.S. as this is a bike forum, bike themed pies score more points :smiley:

when are you making another one Alex? I’ll come to the ace and try it:D:D

It’s tempting to get involved with this one but i dont want to show you all up, plus it really isn’t easy for me to get to the ace atm :D:D


I cooked it for the full hour!!:smiley:

I might make a pie tomorrow!

That looks brilliant.

You’ve inspired me to go off and build a pie of my own now! :smiley:

Looks very good Alex, glad to see the apples & blackberries went to a good cause:) It does really look quite tempting, shame there was no opportunity to taste it:w00t:

What happened to the USA entry pumpkin pie? Or is that yet to materialise??:smiley:

So after a quick read, it turns out that technically this is a double crust pie!! I’m gonna trash the kitchen tomorrow!:smiley:

Dear God man that looks absolutely awesome…chow down on that baby! Good effort. Bet it tasted every bit as good as it looked.

So is that the recommended diet for training? I’m not sure they mentioned that on T-Nation!

Ok I’m willing to give it another go at making this if anyone wants to take part in the pie-off live finale?

Ace, sometime this weekend? Maybe Sunday eve?

You’ll have to raise high stakes to get hold of the remaining organic hand-picked apples and blackberries nestling in our freezer to replicate the original;):D(PS: Guarded by you-know-who :smiley: )

Id take you up on that offer but im ill with the piggy flu and i dont want to infect anyone :smiley: After Christmas maybe :smiley:


B ring
U p
M y
P ie :smiley:

Anyone up for the challenge? Any of the newly inspired pie generation willing to showcase their wares? :cool:

Does a crumble count?:smiley:

Hmmmmm, warm apple pie. :w00t:

Jetstreams for emotional support, apples from their tree and in-depth cooking instructions!

And you didnt get to TAST IT:w00t:

Got my ingredients and will be making my pie tonight!! Pics will be up tomorrow:D

Make one for us all to try then we’ll let you know;)