LB photo galleries - fancy a bash?

I dare say most of you have noticed two things over the last year or so:

  1. there are a shed load of racing type galleries
  2. there aren’t a whole lot of galleries about anything else.

and so it’s about time this mis-balance was addressed.

Which is where you folk come in. I know Jay and I aren’t the only members with cameras so please anyone who fancies shooting Borough Market meets, ride-outs, or any other bike related moments please add your willingness to this thread and then start shooting.

If people are interested then I’ll write out some guidelines so you have an idea what to do, but willingness is the main requirement.

And for those of you who may be a little put-off by previous submissions not getting published etc, well that was then and this is now. Obviously we will reserve the right to edit or omit images that really aren’t up to being shown at a decent size (but there’ll be no need for a high-res version) but the hope is that we won’t have to.

Ok, form an orderly queue…

Got loads to upload for you but the programme wasn’t too clever and kept timing out. If it’s improved im more than happy adding galleries again. :slight_smile:

My art was removed from my sigs :frowning:

stuck a few from various rideouts/trips abroad on Lb’s flickr account plus my own, they’re nowt special but we try to get some of people riding their bikes not just static ones. :slight_smile:

i’d love to when i get my 500d:D

This Guy will be up for it, He’s mustard with a camera, just needs a bit of help posting em :slight_smile:

haha nice one Tel!

@Ange, well I think it’s the same one tbh but it has seemed a lot better of late. We may have to do something to avoid using the nasty Java uploader though. I’ll talk to the boffin at the weekend. If we can sort out the uploading process some, then it would be great to have your shots up!

@Steve well that sounds cool if you’ve already got collections together then sweet!

Ok gang, give me a few days to sort out some sort of uploading route / gallery setting up gig and we might have a plan. :w00t:


got my canon now Andrew i’m up for it.:smiley:

so how is this coming along andrew ?

As I said Ive put some more on Lb groups on flickr today, plus in my own account, the link is in my sig line doant know if any are good enough for a gallery but if you have a look sometime and see any of interest feel free to nick them :D:D

Hey Steve yeah some of those are exactly what I’m aiming for - just ride-outs really. If you fancy pulling out 50 or so from your sets particularly ones featuring other members, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to go.

Initially what I’m looking for is to have a monthly gallery go up, max about 200 images from everyone who fancies it. So no one person has to worry about churning out loads.

Viggen - yeahman well get snapping - Borough Market, rideouts, Ace, whatever but ideally with other members pictured too.

Only thing folks, I don’t want loads of pictures of your bike - we have a place for that already in the pic’s and vids section - or everyone’s ugly mug in the mirror shots lol lol

So the weather’s good, get out there!

I took a couple from last Wednesday’s BM.

How do I go about uploading them etc then?

And should we have a “members’ shots of the BBQ” type gallery?

I almost always take some pictures on all the rideouts I go on, like this one. What I still am not sure I understand, is how pictures get to the gallery. I tend to upload them to the relevant forum thread where those concerend will see them. If you want different resolutions for the gallery etc, let me know.

Same as you G… got some pix in relevant sections, plus others on flickr, but not sure how to put them onto galleries, also is anyone gonna decide which ones go into the gallery ? As mine are like yours pix of members, bikes and different places from rideouts etc :slight_smile:

Well the way I see this operating is that someone dedicated to this role will take submissions from you guys and collate the images until a decent sized gallery can be made up, then upload it and hey presto.

Specific events of course will be uploaded much sooner with a dedicated gallery - it really just depends upon what comes from you guys.

As far as technical spec goes, the max size we need would be 1600 pixels (the size of the ‘hi-res’ image option) and the gallery system creates the smaller versions and watermarks for you too, so only one image is necessary.

The 1600 size is the largest we can show, you can upload larger if you want but really there’s no need - it just slows down everyone’s pc - remembering someone has to collate these.

Also, that size isn’t compulsory. If the images are shot on a smaller camera it may not do 1600 pixels !! Or you may have cropped it smaller, in which case please DO NOT enlarge the image as the quality will be gash. So if you’ve only got 1200 pixel images, fine - give us those no problem.

However, and it’s a BIG however, please make sure the images uploaded are as well processed as you can - ie basic stuff like making sure exposure is near enough right and ideally dirt spots removed, and ye gads that they are in focus. Treat the galleries as if they were a showcase for your images - because that’s really what they are. I’m not talking about extensive photoshop work or owt, but I do know that you always get software with the cameras which will do basic processing.

Does that answer your questions?


Oh and we’ve someone in mind for the role of collator/publisher, but I might be knocking on people’s doors (figuratively speaking!) should that not work out.

oh ah clear as mud for a techno prat like me :D:D

pixels shmixels I just take a picture n upload it :w00t::D:D

but it does sound a good idea, will wath out for more info :slight_smile:

Number plates to be obscured as well I guess, as some people get fairly concerned about that.

Sorry, do I send the images or upload them to a thread?

If anyone wants it, I have a set of Photoshop (CS) actions which people can use to resize (both horiz & vert) images to 1600px on the longest side and save them at 75% quality which is handy for batch processing large amounts - saves masses of time! :slight_smile:

@ Steve - Pixels represent the image size. You must know what ‘megapixels’ represents yes? Check out your editing software that came with the camera - it will allow you to change the size of the image when you save it.

But don’t worry about the technical stuff, we can go with just point and shoot.

@Garret - We need to have someone in place to collate the pictures before anything will be seen in the galleries ok Garret? We should know more about that by Monday hopefully.


Garret I’m sure you’ll have more questions so PM me eh?

this post makes me laugh to be honest.

you start off making out that its for everyone to upload their weekly lb pictures, and by the end of the thread they need to be photoshopped, not exactly in the remit of allot of people is it?

shall we allocate an lb photoshopper also? :w00t: