LB Paintballing

Interested people list:

  1. Lustfish
  2. Alex
  3. Captin_Slow
  4. Mrs Captin_Slow
  5. rsciw
  6. weefrenchie
  7. Serrisan
  8. Desmo46
  9. andyp69
  10. ltl_flipper
  11. Stunt Double (matt)
  12. Bobzilla
  13. ASBO
  14. tattooist750chick
  15. Zander
  16. Tiggi
  17. shiver
  18. Jewell (all LB girls are allowed to squeeze his ball(s)
  19. Kevsta
  20. Johnp
  21. Wil ER6F
  22. me_groovy
  23. Gem

I wonder if we could get enough of us together to do this?? :cool: What do you think?

I can’t seem to open the link at work. How many people would we need?

3 quid? including equipment hire et al? :w00t:

I’m in :w00t::hehe::w00t:

how does groupon work? Does one person buy it for a group, or everyone individually?

btw, valid for any day, or weekdays only?

hmmm it’s a bit of a treck from Epsom but may be interested if the day is right?

You know if you go direct to the company you get a better deal ie you pay £3 to get in and paint balls charged at £10 per 100 but if you go straight to company they may charged £10 entry but you get paintballs at £5 per 100…
learnt about this from when been before always better to go straight to company and i will be up for this havent been in ages too is top fun

Look at this place went to before was pretty good

oooh! I’m in!! :slight_smile:

Definitely sounds good, I’ve always wanted to try it.

I’m in!

Apparently it says equipment included and 100 paintballs…
Groupon is excellent, I recommend you sign up and see what offers are there. You have to do it individually but the deal will end just before midnight tonight.

Hmmmmm, not a bad idea if we can get enough of us together. I know we did an LB paintball session a couple of years ago and it was an arse ache to organize.

I help you arrange it if you like… be good fun

hm, if captain_slow’s suggestion is cheaper, I’m up for that :w00t:

when going directly to the place and paying yer entry fee, do you also get the equipment and first 100 balls for free, or are these extra?

Good…Ive always wanted to shoot a french person…:crazy:


Welll, if you don’t mind!
Shall we see how much it would cost for different numbers of us?

Well, I’ve always wanted to shoot a girl… :smiley:

If You Look At The Advertisment You Get The First 100 Paintballs With You 3 Pounds Free But You Need 400 To 600 Paintballs for The Day How Much Are The Extra Paintballs ???

Yer thats kool

See how many people want to actually come on this thread then we haver a ring around and get different prices and all that jazz

Then go from there :slight_smile:

Paintballs £7.00 per 100

Knowing me I’d need 800-1000 :w00t:

can we have dual weapons? :hehe:


So peeps place your name down and let’s see how many of us want to go…
I’ll update the first post to show the list

I wonder if they still do the AK47 Paintball guns. Last time we went I paid £50 and got to fire the rocket launcher type paintball gun. You put a paint ball the size of a football in it and aim i at someone you don’t like and Bang!! set if off. Its mental. Knocked my mate clean out with it.