LB on your mobile!

As I found myself logging on less via the computer, just wondering if anyone had any ‘mobile’ solutions.

What works best?

And how about we put ‘Jay’ and the team to work on an ‘APP’ (preferably Andriod!)

hey GoF, long time no see! how are things?

i use my iphone to browse… not the best but works

Gof…!!!..long time dude!!!

this has stuck in my head for years because of you!!!:doze:

This bastard!!!


I’m all good thanks… trying to make it my mission to be sociable again, lol!

I’m not a fan of the iphone and not paying for one when it could be spent on petrol! lol!
I use Opera and the standard browser on android 2.1…

Thinking of bring my java up to date (not coded since 97) and making an app. But feeling lazy and thought there must be talented app creators here who could knock up something!

HINT HINT!!! lol

LOL!!! I don’t know weather to apologise or sing!!

I have never had problems using the standard browser in Android 2.1 and now 2.2.

Could be smoother, but it works well enough except when people embed videos, but as I don’t tend to watch them that’s not a bad thing.

so you miss out 90% of my posts!? :hehe: