*LB Not so official track day tour* - Silverstone GP circuit 29th August Bank holiday Monday!

Given the popular take up on Brands Hatch with 15 and counting, the next instalment will be arguably the best circuit in the UK!

It is on bank holiday monday, so no work excuses just the missus to get past and you can be there :hehe:

I will be travelling up sunday evening to a suitable cheap b’n’b so there could be an evening of fun before hand too if others are up for that.

Details on link below, says almost full but you never know with FE website so better to be safe and book asap if you want in.


Is also a good idea to put what group you have selected, so if anyone joins in follow the format below:

  1. Leon1984 - gsxr600 - intermediates

gees man no takers? what did you do at brans to put everyone off?? :smiley: i`ll be popping in for a watch and to take some photies so see you there mate.:slight_smile:

ha!!! you back on that number or still phoneless? Be good to see ya…

yeah mate on same number but i lost yours in all the phone mayhem. can you text or pm it me and i`ll call ya when i get there. not that i wont find you easy enough. :slight_smile: hope you get good weather mate. see you there.

I’ll be there…but already put it on TDR under cookie. Van is now pack and ready to go oil change and everything. See you tomorrow…My van has is black with lots of tracks on the back.

Good to see you today Leon glad I pop in, in passing… Your definitely getting faster… I saw you slipping pass 3 bikes at the end of the pit straight going into Abbey… very nicely done;)… couple of pictures I took but not sure if they are you or not on the track ones your to bloody quick to film! :D…

great to see you today leon!!!:slight_smile: lookingood bro. musta missed you geoff as i didnt stay all day. see you both soon......bike back fixed by next weekend and ill be around more, yipee! :slight_smile:

right! that`s the last time i try to upload a pic on here :crazy::hehe:

he he, thats me in the background of Geoffs pic talking to AFC :slight_smile: