LB memebr with pink lid and LOU on back of it WHO!!!!!!!

I seen in the cancer breakthrough weekend pics a bike with a pink lid with stars and lou writen on it, who is this as i wana get one for my wife. thanx if you can help

hi there mate…the person your refering to is sincere…she’s an LB host on the forum…

give her a pm and im sure she’ll help you as much as she can…

hope this helps…


speak to Mike @mikepdesigns.

He’s done the lids for a couple of guys on here and is just finishing off my girlfriend’s shoei xr1000. He does very high quality work and sends update pics as the work progresses so you can see how its going and develop your design as it goes along if you want to.

Really cares about his work rather than just turning them around.


go to Girls Bike 2…theres a shop in Dorking…

they do some lovely lids…pink, butterflys, dragon flys, and some really nice clothes too…

the staff are really nice and helpful too…Ali and Hillary…they’ll even make you a cuppa T !!!

Hey this is me!

The best chick lid in the world eva!!!

I got mine done at - CH Designs.

The chap here, Karl Hodgson, his brother is the AMA champ Neil. Really nice bloke, drop him a line.

Can’t recommend him high enough !!


AMA Champ? Unfortunately not. World Superbikes champ, yes!

I was waiting for someone to say that !!!