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would you like to be knocked off by this woman or in a 50/50 acciddent, when she types this in response to a road watch post about THAMESMEAD yarton way speed trap

she quoted.’

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Roundabout Scratcher

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Posts: 839, Visits: 1,187its a 30 down there though, and the biker that passed too close at about 80 and shook up my learner the other day deserved to get caught, or better still knocked off!

The police are not always there for a good reason, and i know its not really residential down there but there is a school.

Aka Calamity Mel

Calm down!

No-one deserves to be knocked off, but we all need to ride responsibly and with due consideration for other people (if not ourselves).

Not sure a ‘shame’ thread is good form.

Well, no one should be knocked off, but it seems as if it was an emotive subject that got her blood up (and quite right too, I’d be scared feaces-less if someone shot past me at 80 when I was sat pootling along on my 50.), it was probably said out of literal context.

Not deserving of a ‘shame’ topic. Let’s not make this personal, now.

…and relaaaaax !

Maybe we should Shame you mrginx, not been on here more than 2 minutes yet you have managed to rub a few people up the wrong way with some of your posts:angry:

Don’t take things so literal and loosen up a little, maybe if you actually came along to a few meets and met some of the members on here you will see and hear what you are abusing in person.

Definately not worth a shame post so don’t be surprised if it gets moved or deleted.

we were nearly run off the road due to the guy passing too fast and too close, my learner swerved off the road. so cyclist, biker, car driver, pedestrian, dont give a rats arse, was riding like a c0ck, put me in danger, so you can come off your holier than thou cloud…


A good example of how NOT to win friends or influence people :Whistling:

Oh and define ‘knocked off’ !!! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Trust you guys to lower the tone :D:D

My original post that Mr thick was too stoopid to see through, was that if my learner was to swerve to the right, would have served him right, was was riding like a complete twat, probably like the originator of this post does… dont bother broadcasting your off when you have it… awwww big tough bikers getting upset cos someone told you that you dont own the road…blessyourlittlecottonsocks:)

If ‘knocked off’ is a euphamism for something, then yes please!:smiley:

Sorry, I’ll get me coat. Just trying to lighten up the situation.:blush::stuck_out_tongue:

lightening is welcome… i’ll add “bite me” to my last comment…

LOL I can see where this thread is going, next stop gutter:P

Too late, already there.;):smiley:

absolutely not, unless thats where mrginx lives, we can all take the bike meet to him! :smiley:
Shame shame shame shame shame… get yourself a proper house man.
And take a chill pill while your at it :D:D
Or get together with bbsmonk, you’ll enjoy ranting together, and dont pass me on yarnton way!

like my new signature? hehehehe :D:D

To be honest with you Mel, given the same on road situation, I’d say exactly the same thing.

It’s hard for some people to admit, but there are some real idiot riders out there. Is such a shame because it just gives us all a bad name.:angry:

i think most bikers have a good sense, and most dont ride like idiots, but some who are obviously new to it, join a biking forum and think we hate ALL car drivers, whereas its only mini drivers, bmw, merc and 4x4’s :smiley:

Most ride well, some dont, and when they put me at risk, i have no pity, would have said the same to anyone. But mrginx hasn’t learnt not to stir trouble with a hormonal woman, i’ll be giggling about this one for a bit. Most people on here know me now, and know that i’m a better qualified road user than most, (maybe not the best rider) but i’m able to admit that one, i dont ride like a twat. :D:D

Quite right Mel.

I don’t really see why so many people believe that bikers are proportionally ‘better’ (by whatever criteria we judge that by) than car drivers, and so many times on the forum I see rants from people who assume that drivers are naturally worse than them as riders.

Likewise on the roads, so many riders seem to dash about like they’re playing a computer game or summat and then wonder why bikers are often portrayed as antisocial/dangerous, or why their premiums keep going up.

Then of course there are the people who will argue about an incident they weren’t at with someone who was… :hehe: a curious past time to say the least.

pmsl :laugh:

Making a shame post about a member because you don’t like what they have to say is not what this section is all about, all you’ve done on this forum since you have joined is pee people off by the way you react when people don’t agree with what you say, not everyone has to agree with you, that’s life so deal with it :wink:

And yes Mel, shame on you!! :w00t:

Thanks I needed a giggle this morning!

Hey Mel, can you bite me please :D:)

And just to put my two pennies worth in. If you do double the speed limit in anything less than a 60 then your a crettin and deserve to get done by the rozzers.

Let me put it another way, how would you feel if your daughter/son/Father or Mother was run over by somebody doing +30 of the speed limit! Think about that next time. Oh and one last rant, any fool can open the throttle, it takes more maturaty and restraint to control the speed. Here endith the rant!!:crazy: