LB look and feel

so another forum I use just got updated to the standard XenForo style.

must say I prefer LB’s style

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Anyone remember when LB was brown? I miss that design for nostalgic reasons mostly.

Brown!? I think there might have been something wrong with your monitor mate!

I can’t remember how many changes I’ve seen in LB over the years, but have to agree with Pan, the KTM forum make over is not great.

Wasn’t the 08 colour scheme some dark colour? Maybe it was green.

The web archive bringing back memories for 24 years.


Man! Elad, Tiggi! Wonder what they are up to?
Ps also remember doing loads of news articles with Gareth

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Also isn’t the KTM forum abit unhelpful?
Seems the standard response is no response or deal with it :roll_eyes:

Oh, that brown.

You know, that logo was my favourite. I was thinking of getting it remixed for a 2020 vibe. I don’t like the current one.

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Mine too. I still have the keychain

Tiggi is married to Seanand has a little un. Elad I haven’t heard from in years.

So do I.

Ian got married. I saw him a few years ago (maybe 5).

That’ll will be remarried, I helped him clear out a flat over 12 years ago that was part of divorcing his ex at the time.

Good on Ian, hope he is happy and doing well.

Do it, was my favourite too.

Yup, much preferred that one to the current one

So where do we protest and who do we have to throw into Bristol Docks to get the old logo back? :smiley:

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I love the simplicity of the default Discourse look. Especially as I use it for some other forums so it’s familiar to me. This old dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks.

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