LB Logo design thread...

Since our new logo in not to everyone’s taste, i invite members who are not happy with the new logo to get cracking and see if they can do better.

This is your chance to have a go and see what you as a member have got for us… the community can praise or shame the design…and hopefullycome out with a corker

Don’t be scarred and don’t give us reasons why you CAN’T do one…
over too you guys!!!:w00t:


nice one Shane!!

your very welcome pan…get your crayons out !!!

i really like the engine part schematics

so perhaps someone good as photoshop can take pics of parts and combine them to spell out Londonbikers

go for it bud…fire away!!!

when’s the deadline? :smiley:

on a serious note, we should invite Cindy (Alex’s girl) to draw a few, she’s a graphic designer.

Pram & toys, maybe:D

no deadline…no rules…
when we all agree on a good one…we’ll sort it:D

go for it!!!


“when we all agree on one” -


Rob getting ready to design his very own LB logo :wink:

Heres mine, I win:D

Sorry Rob we want to move away from the Dummy school of design…

Come on people make your mark…

And as Shane rightly said if we all agree there’s a chance we’ll change our minds


Well done for opening it up to the community Shane. Props.

Can I suggest that it is anonymous while people are choosing?

I.e. - those entering the competition send their designs (e.g. a maximum of 3) to an LB email address/ PM a mod (Shane perhaps), then the designs are given numbers and added to a separate, locked thread and opinions are given on this one (e.g. “I like the colours in number 9”).
That way, there would be no favouritism etc.

(@ mods - I can make a separate page on my site/ BLOG and host the designs and can accept them etc instead of one of you guys if it’s too much work)

Posting a quick mock-up here for now is fine.

Shane will make his mark but you might not like how it comes out :smiley:

Shane’s on the judging panel with me Andrew and PJ…

he;s not allowed to enter


Be careful he doesn’t try to force an entry :wink:

He couldn’t enter anyway, i’ve got his crayons:D

Garret :
i think that if you should be proud of your efforts and not be in the shadows. this is why we at LB think its a great idea that your efforts should be posted on this page…

I’ll sticky it shortly…:slight_smile:

I cant enter like pat says…but i can say that once we all agree (the community)…we can then hand it forward to our production dept.

if i were to enter though…it would deffo be this…:smiley:


what do i win?