LB its up too you too choose,

right, im stuck, rear end is now complete, but… WHAT CAN!!!

silver … or … blue???


Blue i think.

Or you could alternate each week

Which sounds beastier?

dead battery atm

Should of bought the Optimate, shouldn’t you?!?!?!


From the pic I’d say silver as you can go overboard with one colour. In the flesh or a side on pic I may say different.

That help?


go 4 the blue!!!

how much did you give adam 4 that den?

it looks really good on yer bike fella nice rims aswell

look 4ward to seeing it in the flesh hurry up an get thru ur test fella!!!

Silver, then if you change the colours of the pannels it will still go ok!

Silver goes with virtually anything!

silver, nice and simple. Bike is looking good btw.

Blue Christof, Blue Bikes are faster and looks better

I will go for blue as well if it’s not too blue for you

i do like the blue, i will still have the silver can on stand by just incase i get bored…ill get more pics this evening once i get the forks and front wheel on it, then i cn get more pics,

silver is ott,need to break up the colour.

shhh you.

Blue, all the way!!

pink to go with ya handbag


think the blue looks really good

Blue is too chavy

Go for an aluminium one

I need to see the whole bike to decide

You could cover it in sticky back carbon fibre



BLUE !!!

Matches the Nips on ya Moobs !!