LB Interviews AMA's Neil Hodgson!

We’ve interviewed Brtish temporary ex-pat Neil Hodgson whilst he was racing at last weekend’s AMA Superbike event at VIR (Virginia International Raceway). Thanks to GixxerUSA, we got an amazing interview, and four galleries worth of stonking behind-the-scenes and on-track shots for the whole event! Thanks fella!

That was a great read and had me laughing over breakfast. It would be good to see Neil out in WSB again and im sure well see him back in BSB at some point. Thatll be interesting but i think hell be surprised at the standard of riding here at the moment.
I`m sure he said a few months back that the AMA was in his opinion the next best domestic series after WSB (rather than BSB).

Ben Bostrum is such a funny guy and a great person to have around the paddock. I wonder where he`ll be next season.

Well done Jay/Foxy for getting this together, big thanks to GixxerUSA for the interview and superb pictures.

One thing i like about the American series is that you can get near the teams and riders and see a lot more of what`s going on behind the scenes, much more laid back.

His brother, Carl, sprayed my lid and did a very good job too!

His work looks the business. I didn`t know Neil had a brother on the bike scene.

Wow, those lids are cool! I’d love a 'job on my K5.