LB Help wanted with Unity Ride parking

Calling all those who live in a place where it makes more sense to go direct to Excel East than do a ‘ride-in’. I need 10 volunteers who can bring a fully charged PMR who are willing to help me sort the parking at Excel as the riders come in ready for the start. You don’t have to do the Unity Ride itself (but please register on the website and help in the ride if you can), just be available from 10:30 to 13:00 at Excel.

Add your names in your replies, thanks.

We reckon we can park up to 3,500 bikes - if less turn up then it’s easier, if more turn up there will be ‘other plans’. The main thing is that there is an order for filling up the five designated areas, and this will ensure that first come first out will prevail.

Parking ‘assistance’ is necessary to ensure the maximum number of bikes are accommodated in the safest manner, so no major ‘domino effect’ fall-overs occur - there’s always someone who forgets a side-stand…

Tabards will be provided, a few quid to keep or hand them back, and I’m hoping the tea-stalls[1] will provide free tea/coffee to those helping.

The parking ‘assistants’ will also determine when each set of bikes start off, and help ensure the Unity support riders are interspersed at appropriate intervals.

More info forthcoming to those who volunteer - this bit at the start of the ride has to show the discipline for the rest, so help is really needed. BCW volunteers, are you the sort of guys who could do this?

[1] Anyone know who to contact to get some refreshment vans on site? No charge to attend, just charge a reasonable amount to 3,500 bikers or more over two hours, 11:00 - 13:00.

  1. JimC

Sounds like a job for me, as my bike is still in Cornwall.


I would be happy to help, if only I could guarantee my availability on that day. I am unlikly to know until immediatly before whether I can make it or not. When is the latest you can register?

You can just turn up if you wish, but much better to register - best done a few days beforehand so you get your ride ‘ticket’ in time.

That’s the problem - I might not know until the day before, or shortly before that whether I will be free.

I’m all registered (I think), so I’ll put my name down to help. I can’t do the marshall training so I can’t help on that.

Bump, c’mon folks, I really need your help here!

Thanks Keti, can you make Excel by 10:30, and have you got a PMR? if not the PMR I might find one for you…

  1. JimC
  2. Uncle Sol
  3. Ian
  4. Keti

10:30 - yup. PMR - nope.


I have a couple I can run over to you before the day if you need them.

whats a PMR

PMR is a Walkie Talkie apparently (Like I know what da fugg im talkin about )


I have got a couple of PMR’s for you. I’ll bring them to The Memorial Ride. These are compatible with any Euro PMR just make sure your all on the same channel. I’ll check the channel that others are using but I think its 3.33 (or Talk to Tallguy)


PMR’s I have a pair on Motorola’s T5532’s are they OK ???


You sure about uncle sol?

Yep, he’ll be there kicking and screaming - just wear ear-plugs.

I’ll gladly accept extra PMR’s - I’ll label them so I know who has lent what.

Some of you told me you would come and help, and you would PM or email me your details.

You haven’t, and I now am short of four (4) helpers with the parking/start. This won’t be an easy job, it will get quite technical come 13:00 on the 19th, but the folk who volunteered (whose names I do not know, but faces I know well) have not contacted me.

Anyone else interested?

Oi Jim so this is where you have been steeling all the best people from… If you want to help out with the masses at the Ace Cafe let me know!

I’ll be at the Ace to help out

Looks like we’re getting there:

  1. JimC (USR)
  2. Uncle Sol (USR)
  3. Ian
  4. Keti
  5. JJ (USR)
  6. Cathy (USR)
  7. Andyp69
  8. Chris

Best to be there by 10:30 for briefing etc. I’ll be there from 08:30 to help get the burger vans etc sorted out.

Jim, you may have the refreshment van… but I got the Ace Cafe!!!

Text me on the day if you want me to bring you a full English

failing that, get the hog roast calvery stand to save me some!

think that post was meant for me, sorry jim forgot to pm you till last night.