LB Halloween Pizza Night - Monday 31 October

Would anybody be interested in great pizza in a legendary pizzeria in Fulham in some entertaining company?

Yes, the LB Halloween Pizza night is back by popular demand.

EDITED: Wednesday, 2 November (not Monday, 31 October, as originally mentioned, as it clashes with another popular event) around 8ish at Santa Lucia, Hollywood Road (off Fulham Road, just at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital). Room for a few bikes in front, otherwise wherever there’s space (I can check if the P&D or residents’ bays are free after 6.30pm or if it’s 10pm area).


Let me know asap, so I know if we can aim at this day or should change it already now, also if we’ll be a large-ish crowd, we’ll have to give them enough notice.

Definately up for it Paivi as I said, will PM you or let you know on here if I can indefinately make the date. And as long as its not raining I’ll be there too!


I’ll be there…

I mean, in the name of the world best Pizza! How can you say no?

Ahhhh I would love to go but me and a few friends are going to see Saw II.


Aw, do that on another night!

Hey project, Let me know what you think of the film, i need to see a good scary movie, just can’t seem to find many nowdays … will be good to scare the missis sensless…LOL

I’ll be up for it i’ll have to come by bike to make sure i get there on tine folks

Yea I’ll be coming my bike too unless GoF is willing to drive Hope there’s space near by too because I don’t like leaving my baby out of sight for very long! lol


Hey Paivi I am doing a charity event in leicester square at the pub I DJ in it for cancer research from 8 till 1 I think plus you can all dress up as mad max

If its anything like the first one it should be very sick and twisted

Hey its not lame, I have gone to see dodgy horror films for the past 3 or 4 halloweens so

PAivi have a looksee:

Just saw that. How about the pizza on Wednesday, 2 November?

EDIT: does anybody know how to edit the title of the thread or if it’s even possible here?

Paivi - hows about doing both on the same night? In or around Leicester sq? As it is for charity.

Sure, but I don’t know anywhere decent to eat in that part of the world which won’t break a bank.

I’m in Glasgow all next week, boohoo.

La Strada near Leicester Sq is good. Prices like pizza express.

looking forward to our meal you all

Well, as there is some entertainment already on offer on Monday, and by the sound of it, quite early, with loads of people going to that, how about we do the pizza on Wednesday, 2 October? That way, we just avoid Halloween and don’t have to wear the very flattering colour of orange?

It’s not one of those official LB events, I just decided that I need more pizza in my life, and thought I’d introduce my new friends to the best pizzeria in London, allegedly (but as the allegers are Italian, who am I to argue?!).

So, whoever is free that evening, is more than welcome to come and taste some truly delicious pizza.

Whaddaya say? Do the charity thing on Monday and pizza on Wednesday for those who can make it? I’m going anyway, so if it’s just one other person, that’s fine. If it’s ten other people, even better, as long as I have an idea a couple of days ahead so I can book.

Hennessy & GoF, can you make Wed? How about you join us, Snap, so you can make an informed judgement between Santa Lucia and La Strada pizzas?

Sounds like a plan?

Hey Paivi i’m i welcome or i’m i to old? HAHA