LB group booking for Brands Eve 31st May

Would anyone be interested in us setting one up?

10% discount and garage for 10 or over.

From MSV:
"For the sessioned (Novice and Intermediate/Advanced) evening at Brands Hatch on Thursday 31st May (£79)If the group amounts to a minimum of 10 riders, everyone will receive a 10% discount on their booking.

The way group bookings normally work is that each rider has to phone up on 0843 453 3000, and supply us with their details. Once we have reached the 10 rider mark, we will process each order with the 10% discount. Every booking made thereafter up to the event will also receive the 10% off.

The details we need from each rider are:

· Group Name (Londonbikers)

· Full Name

· Address , Telephone Number, E-mail Address

· Manufacturer and Model of Bike

· Card payment details including start/expiry date and three-digit security code

We will also ask over the phone if they would like to include additional vehicles or one to one Instruction sessions (£25 per 20 min session) on the day. These additional costs will also be eligible for the 10% discount offer."

Attendance List





Road Captain

Unknown Group

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Fazer Jay
Suzuki Angel


What time is an evening session? (I assume that’s what ‘Brands Eve’ means?)

How much would it be?

Also, with my first track day currently lined up for June 27th, how does the grouping work? (Beginner, experienced etc)

I could be interested, how much would it be and with who? :wink:

Yes for the evening

defo interested just need more details - price, time to check in etc :), how to book and with whom

Last time I did an evening sess at brands I went flying off, so no thanks. :ermm:

I prefer day sessions where I dot have to rush to get there and be in the post-work frame of mind. Like 21st May at snetterton300 if anyones interested :smiley:


Wahoo…I have just booked up a Day session on Wednesday 27th June at Brands with Focused :slight_smile:

Cant wait :slight_smile:

Yes Andrew, definitely up for that :slight_smile:

I’m going to be on that one! :slight_smile:

Cool…Are you on your own? I’ll be with my uncle but we could all try to get a garage together?

What will you be riding? I’m hiring a bike there (prob an R6)…

I’m really looking forward it…

I’m going with 1 or 2 others from work (I think) and will ride my own CB1000R, although I am tempted to use a hire bike… less worries about binning it perhaps. Is it expensive?

Ok sorry guys I skimped on the details. - at work so shouldn’t really be doing this.

It’s ClubMSV and I think it’s about £80 for a 5pm - 8pm session which you don’t have to get to for 5pm apparently.

We’ll organise the booking bit, or advise on that later, just wanted to get some ideas of numbers.

ill be up for it :slight_smile:

Will you allow complete track novices along ??

<-------------------------------------- Track NOOB

Well that would be me too Plum. :frowning: Would be my first, hence I was asking how the grouping worked… If 10 of us went, I assume we might be split across Novice, Intermediate and Advanced?

YAY noob team :smiley:

Here’s the event link. And the timetables. If 10 go and your all novice you’ll all be in novice. They wont force anyone into inter group if your not happy. You book into novice when you sign up on the web site. So it could fill up in theory and you wont be able to book.

According to the timetable though registration is early - 1530 till 1645. So unless Andrew has other arrangements with them…

As for complete n00bs :slight_smile: MSV are pretty good in my expereicne. If its your first time, they have instructors there for 25 quid a time or something so might be worth booking a session to follow an instructor round. But just ride your own pace that you are familiar with. Aim for fast A-road. Dont try to be a hero and discover a hidden talent on your first session! :smiley: And you’ll be fine. I’d advise getting there in plenty of time dont rush down there and rush through the process. You should give yourself enough time to set your frame of mind to calm, relaxed and happy before you go out on track :slight_smile:

TIMETABLE15.30 Registration 16.45 Riders briefing 17.30 Ducks and Drakes session18.00 First track session20.00 Circuit closes
Please note: Tyre warmers and/or slick tyres are not permitted in the novice session.


TIMETABLE15.30 Registration 16.45 Riders briefing 17.30 Ducks and Drakes session18.00 First track session20.00 Circuit closes


I have taken my FZ1 on track before and you can’t help worrying about her which is what convinced me hire bikes are the way forward. Either that or I might buy a track bike one day but I need a trailer etc too so probably wont do that this year.

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I didnt think it bothered me using my own bike until I did Ron Haslam and realised that you can do so much more when you arent thinking about fixing it or riding it back home. I definitely dont regret getting a trackbike…but I do regret only using three times last year!

If you can convince them to allow 103db as the noise limit then I’m in :smiley: