LB Favour....Surrey Members tonight??

Anyone going to the ACE/Blackheath Tea Hut tonight want to take me as pillion so I can see smiled receive his £1million donation from LB please? I will pay for fuel and tea/reacharound.

That is all.

I’m sure Moto King will be more than happy for a reacharound to give you a lift there:P

Would do mate, but already in town - i fancied a reach around too… damn it…

i say well i would but your too fat for my sprint lol:P:w00t:

Was going to call you a ‘tight arse’, but trade description will be on my back… :hehe:

better than being a slack ass porker like yourself…:w00t:

Yeah I would of done but id rather SophieR6 wrapping her legs round me :wink:

Smoking…Shnizzle… :cool:

He could always walk? if you leave now mate your be there by 7ish?


Its ok dude, I dont wanna make you look girly with my hench shoulders infront of ya missus, looking at me will only make her moist:)Have fun, pull her hair and slap her round the face for me;)

I’m going to box now to fix my bike with shiver.

If we fix it

If it’s still there

If it works

If you’re still looking

I can take you to the Ace - maybe.

Very iffy, but drop us a line


**** you shane

if any other ****** tries to prank call me I’ll dock them.

If it was someone saying do you fancy a bum it was Jewell.

Sorry mate. If I buy you a tea can I still have that reacharound?

actually that was me.

It was nice knowing you Ed! pmsl :w00t:

Alex would’ve but he’d be unlikely to find his way out of his house let alone down the A3… :slight_smile:

Ed you can carry ChiPs broken bike bits when he bins again on the way into town :w00t: