LB Face Sheet


Me in Paris after a day on the vino.

Merry go round spotted, must be done!

oh and note to self, ensure you SMILE when skydiving other it looks like you are smuggling hamsters!


im the asian one lol hopefully makes it easier for you guys to spot me at ace cafe next time :wink:


This is me as of yesterday.


Me, trying to look nonchalant at the top of the Eden Centre domes :slight_smile:


me at the ace




Since my original photo has gone… Me with my first beer!

Me with the recent change in hair style!!! (& a beer)


Me somewhere in Scotland.


Nice backdrop . Looks like its near the Tay forest Park ?


Thought I would add my ugly mug to the collection:

So this is me… roughly 10 years ago lol

Seriously though, this is me now on the “baby beast”


That’s me!!!


Wearing sunglasses inside is dumb:

Me at work:



A few:

In various states of repair!


WOW! just having a look back and i haven’t put a pic of myself up for over 4 years…

Come on all, some of us have been on here since day one and havent shown ourselfs since then, lets up date…









Hahaha! Looking back over these photos… can we get this going again? :slight_smile:


It’s still going :slight_smile: just post a link to your photo :slight_smile:


Me playing chop socky: