LB Face Sheet


wow, you are a dead ringer of this actress, sherilyn fenn, do you remember her? when she was young of course.


She’s beautiful! What a compliment!

I don’t personally see it but thank you, I get Amy Lee ALOT… And Stacey from EastEnders 0_o


This is me



Yep Amy lee:D…but you deffo look nothing like stacey from eastenders:P


nice piece of latex bought at last minute to cover a hole in my display bikes seat for uni…looked SH!T so went with a cut up inner tube and made an orange bandana to hide my ginger hair :wink:


me with blue hair its faied out to blond now so need to die it some outher random coulor

me on a busa at brands


Oh THAT’s who you are. I think I said ‘Hello. Goodbye’ to you at BH. I have no idea who was with you.


Are you from Newcastle?


yes the outher night at tea hut i was with my dad and our friend XD


met some of you at the last night-ride-out




this is me :smiley:


This is me on a good day:)


I’m somewhere in the LB gallery :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s one I took on holiday last summer…



One taken just now, on my new pride and joy.


Nice nekkid, I like mine more though :smiley:


the only pic i have of my so very ugly mug is from when i visited chernobyl in 2008

Silly me i have others too from the bike show at Excel

with Mamola




Might aswell update mine


how long after u took that did the reg/rec go haha :stuck_out_tongue:


5mins :slight_smile: