LB Face Sheet


<-----------------Smeeeeeee. As some od ya already know :wink:

Moto-King. You look nothing like that you foooooooooooooool :smiley:



i know you!!

i have served you in the shop before;)


They can catch the bits falling off! :hehe:

This could be a ticketed event. We may be able to make a few quid at the unveiling? What do you say?

You just turn up (like the Stig), and I’ll get ready to dish out all the refunds :w00t:


Sounds like a plan mate. I have a stig helmet somewhere aswell. I was refering to first aiders because there will be so many birds passing out and over whelmed that it only makes sense (This happens all the time). Any St Johns Ambalance here? :slight_smile:

I don’t want to sound big headed right. But you won’t be giving out refunds mate so scrap that plan yeah…When I take my top off all hell/carnage will break out. Once the ladies see the 8-pack and the muscles your be taking more money. Trust me :slight_smile:

We might need security actually. Ill have a word with Dave Courtney he owes me a favour.

I have done a lot of modeling work/porno in my time. Mainly in the USA but I can hold my own :wink: me and Rico Strong were top boys out in the states

Can we get the LB photographers down?

I’ll donate all the money to charity.I am sure we will raise loads…




Aha! All makes sense now - HG in Gants Hill!!! That’s right, I remember you have the SV…:wink:


Well, guess it’s time for me to put me mug up too :w00t:

company xmas party 2009 Battersea Park

On the right, visiting friends/family in Germany

Last weekend Hampstead Heath, with my current hair ‘style’ (used to have it long for 15 years, then cut off), so this is the most recent mug shot :slight_smile:


thats the one!

i remember the bonnie;)


me on a good day


5hit hate to see you on a bad day hahahaha oops not really:hehe::slight_smile:


He who lives in glass houses…:hehe:


Ugly mofo lucky for the public your up in the sky all day


This is me. Make sure you come and say hello if you see me down BM or the Ace yeah?


you kno it makes sense :smiley:


I knew i had a brother from another mother lurking somewhere …lol




You from da Ghetto??


haha looks like a labourer i employed once, he lasted a couple of hours …


What’s that Fatman scoop song go like?

You got a 50doller bill put ya hands up you got a million doller bill put ya hands up??

Chips upload that song!!!


im not from the ghetto…

i AM ghetto!