LB dyno day? - see how much ya got!

was chatting to a mate of mine that has a bike garage over in East london (near aldgate)he’s just slapped in a dyno machine and said if we grab a good few people together, he’ll do the runs half price @ £15 for us.

know there was some interest before about treking up to aylesbury for this. anyone keen?

i’m interested to see how well the downloade map on the r1 actually works for the bike myselfedit: people so far who fancy a run - let me know if i miss someone!JohnnybravoYslartToby-1-KenobiJohnnyBikerSmiled (prob not now)MJ-JonseyMillemanWyvern971sean077410 (may dash over)Mark + his maybe his mates cg!JayChunkymonkey





(will keep updating, let me know if i’ve missed ya)

I’m interested :slight_smile:

Oh yes count me in…

Ooooh I have 168bhp at the rear wheel on my ******* and still can’t ride for toffee.

Pah. Who needs to pay for bragging rights.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am yo you for this fella.

COUNT ME IN…not to see how much my lame duck pouts out, but to analyse what her ruddy problem is.

SERIOUSLY - I’m well in on this defintiely. Keep me posted mate, please.

can it cope with the 200bhp mines putting out ? then I woke up an R1 stater motor got more power than my bike :slight_smile:

haha, someone p*ssed in your coffee this morning mate? dont worry if you cant ride for toffee, we still love ya :wink:

I’ll bring my scooter, and show you lot what REAL power is :smiley:

it comes with great responsibility i’ve heard ? :wink:

remember reading an article in one of the bike mags last year where they got a load of the same bikes together with diff levels of mods (exhausts, air filters etc). they actually found that some of the bikes were running way less than stock, let alone improved anything and had rubbish fuel delivery at parts of the map.

in terms of things other than the knob waving jokes which are prob more entertaining than this bit, there are also the issues of running lean screwing with the engine, too rich shagging the fuel economy, poor low down fueling making the commute runs tougher, and then there is having the bike set up nicely so its optimised on track.

Good one :slight_smile:

Good points. I’ve never thought of it like that. Maybe I could get some benefit out of it, even though I’m unlikely to be doing any trackdays anytime soon.

If you’ve been modding up and adding power commander maps to a standard bike then yes, I’ll concede that any snatchy fueling issues or flat spots could be remedied by Dyno time. But why do it in the first place.

Unless you are running a track bike (I do but its fairly standard tbh) then I fail to see the point of all this expense. Of course I realise that your average garage tinkerer has their finger far more on the pulse of EMS and fueling performance over the teams of full time professional engineers employed in the development of these bikes by Honda, Suzuki, Yam etc.

Anyone I’ve ever met in biking who has spent money on PC’s, Custom Maps, Full System Zorsts for a road bike has always led off with the statement ‘My R1/GSXR Thou etc etc is now putting out 1,500,000bhp at the rear wheel’. They might then mutter about a more linear power delivery and better fueling at low speed but most riders - especially town commuters - wouldn’t know the difference. All that extra BHP really does make a difference down Whitechapel between the lights…:doze:

For me the pleasure in biking is the riding experience, trips abroad, people you meet. Not in spending out on aftermarket stick ons and bling. Does anyone remember how Busters catalogue used to be a mahoosive treasure trove of gear to make your mid 80’s/early 90’s hooligan machine better. A lot of it worked and some bikes were truly woeful to ride but great fun nonetheless and improvements could be made and noticeable. Nowadays the catalogues are smaller for a reason…bikes are polished pieces of performance kit delivered from the factory (apart from chinese cack - and who’d mod them?)

Still I suppose if we all regularly outride our sportsbikes performance down the Embankment each day…then this stuff is worth it:P

My two penneth worth. For some reason it really niggles me.

my 2p-if you work hard for your money then spend it any way you please and ride it as fast or slow as you like, leaving it at home on a rainy day if thats what you want to do.

I’d be up for this! £15 is nothing for knowing how much the bike puts out. Stock figures are one thing but after a few years and a few k miles, would be good to recheck it.

to a large extent i agree with you. no interest in carbon/chrome/pointless bling. if it actually serves a noticeable purpose, and looks pretty into the bargain then i’m not going to complain tho ;)personally modded the stock cans rather than shelling out the 700 odd quid on aftermarket cans which cost me about 60 quid. more for the noise in traffic than any massive performance gain. i doubt i can notice a couple of hp when the bike puts out 150ish at the back wheel alreadythe map i downloaded ‘seems’ fine. having said that, on track i’ve had a few kinda surging moments on hard acceleration, which might just be the engine catching up with the thottle input/getting into its stride. it may also be that the fueling is poor at that point of the range. interested to know for 15 quidfrom what i gather, bikes aren’t all setup that great from the stealerships, and some could become nicer to ride in the situ’s you’ve described too, but that is speculation/anecdotal. from what i understand, most bikes will be set on the lean side due to emissions. an exhaust and or air filter will only further lean that mix. I’ve looked at the download maps for slip-ons and full systems, and there is a big diff on the map. must be a reason for it.and all the seriousness aside, its a bit of a laugh, he’ll prob do a barbeque outside (seen him do them a few times now). and for less than a cost of a tank of petrol:D

count me in JB…if i aint working…ide be well up for it…!!!


I’ll have some of this !!

Let me know when you sort a date and I’ll make sure I make it !!

I’ll do it for a laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Any guesses what I can expect from a stock 07 Hornet? (I doubt it’s the claimed 100Bhp)

I’m up for this aswell, can bring the R1 out of hibernation for a day!!:smiley:

I’m up for the east london dyno run, have you got a rough date at all?

cool, this is shaping up nicely

reckon a sat or sunday within the next 4 weeks?

Reckon I could be up for this, before january please… :slight_smile: