LB Clothing Range!

We’ve got a new clothing range for everyone. The range includes hoodies, t-shirts, womens clothes, accessories and even some tongue-in-cheek underwear.

We’ve changed suppliers, from the American based one from last time, to a better European one, so no import duty, just the regular euro vat rate andreasonable shipping rates.

With the change, we’ve now also got Customisable Hoodies! Yep, you can choose one of the customisable items and put your name on the back, and even down the arms if you choose. Though the more you add, the more expensive the hoodie becomes. The prices are very reasonable though we think compared to what you would pay on the high-street for this stuff.

Another bonus is that with the oval-logo backed hoodies, the logo is actually reflective, so if you wear this over your jacket or leathers at night, you will instantly become a lot more visible to other road-users, a definate plus point.

One thing worth noting is that there’s no money being made by LB on this, the money goes to the supplier who provides the service for us. We don’t take a cut as we want the items to be as cheap as possible.

Check out ‘The Store’ tab above to see the clothing, as well as the stickers and key-fobs we already have. You can also shop by category, just use the drop-down list to choose a product type. Explanation below.




wow! good 1 jay :smiley:


been after a hoodie for going over me leathers! nice one jay:)

hi all, it might be just my settings but are you able to see the new clothing images in the store? they are not loading for me at the moment, cheers

i just ordered! am i the first!?:Dhave a nice black hoodie with yellow(has to be 46 u see…) lettering on it, like teh way you can change teh fonts and colours and sizing! cracking idea;)

everything worked for me all confirmation e-mails etc, no probs:) easyto navigate and nice clear instructions, seems teh girls have far more clothes to chose from tho…dont they always:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

cool, its displaying ok for me now, lets put it down to a net glitch :)is it worth adding an optional LB charity payment at checkout, a bit like ebay does? just a thought anyway

This isn’t possible I’m afraid as we don’t control the payment system, it’s all handled by a third-party. Our newly-formed charity-council will be putting together some ideas for how people can easily donate to our charities.

Ratty, glad you like it! You are indeed the first member!


i bet you’ve ordered a (i love sv) thong for when you go fishing in spain:P

shhhhh, you will see it soon:P

well you should recieve it by wednesday at the latest, as i ordered mine last sunday and it turned up wednesday morning

good call jay but its a shame the actual lonbikers logo not on the back.

Nice one jay - looks smart.

Now, shall I replace my south east riders one with a londonbikers one? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is mate! We’ve got two types of designs for the hoodies; lettered back and logo-backed. View the ‘Mens Longsleeves’ category to see all the tops. On top of the two designs, there are customisable and non-customisable ones (non-customisable ones being a little cheaper).

There’s a lot of items in there!

Knotty; I think so mate :slight_smile:

Jay well done for landing with continental they are a great company! I used to do a lot of very close work with them and the owner phil. If anyone is in doubt of the quality don’t be put off they are probably the best company around for manufacturing.

kool:cool: it shall be worn asap!

owww the girls hoodys arnt customisable !
i think anyway …?

Unfortunately not, that’s just a limitation of the product, though women who want the customisable ones are advised to get the mens longsleeve hoodies, assuming they fit. We hope to get more designs in at a later time though that are customisable.

ok then , cud get the guys one , i just like the womens one better :stuck_out_tongue:

oh borrox!!!

got an e-mail saying top is out of stock? have to wait till more comes in…any idea how long!? i wanted it for friday!