LB Christmas Party - Thursday 1st December - The Bike Shed, EC1V 9LT

Please join me in celebrating Xmas at The Bike Shed for a good old catch up, food, drink and entertainment before the year is out. 
I think you may agree that this is long overdue and what better excuse to get together in an atmoshere we love and surrounded by the hobbie in which we met. 
We will have a sit down 3 course meal for £34.95 each including a glass of prosecco upon arrival. Aiming to sit down for food around 7.30 however I need to scope out band night as to how loud etc it will be and by then I’ll know more about numbers.

I will insist on £10 deposit from each person attending as I need to secure the space/tables with the venue. I already have a FB event so this is really for those that are not already on that list. Please PM me your attendance and I will send you details of where the deposit is to be paid.

I have to put a deadline on your attendance of 11th November as the venue require the deposit (£10 each) to secure and they are filling up fast. This really only applies to food and seat bookings since anyone is able to just stop by.
Menu as follows… 

Baked camembert with cranberry and walnut crust
Spiced parsnip soup 
Duck liver pate

Roast Turkey, served with all the festive trimmings
Beef Wellington, with broccoli spears and rosemary new potatoes
Pumpkin, mascarpone & sage Risotto

Christmas pudding topped with brandy custard
White chocolate cheesecake with raspberry coulis
Cheese platter with grapes & chutney

Hope to see you all there :wink:



Bikergirl _400  sorry cannot make it on a school night, owing to us living so far away,  but I hope you have a brilliant night. Look forward to seeing you in the future. p.s    hope the leg is healing ok.

      Mr & Mrs Rosso.    xxx


Sorry, i’m on a night shift that night. Enjoy.

I’m around the area but unable to stay for the meal, may pop in to say hi, grab a drink

I’m game. PM me the details and I’ll pay the deposit.

I’m in :slight_smile:

I’d like to join you, but am teaching that evening.

Sounds good to me. I’ll put it in my calendar and send the deposit.

I’m going to have to put down as a maybe.

Hi All, I’ve just sent a couple of PM’s to those who have stated their attendance. 

Anyone else interested in coming for the meal specifically then please post or send me a PM so I can send over details for the deposits to be paid. This is so I can secure tables and numbers with the Bike Shed. 

I’'ll join you for the after dinner beers 

IN :slight_smile:

Please remember deposits required by tomorrow of £10 for those who would like the meal. PM me and I’ll send over details of where to send the money. 

I won’t know until that week, really. Should definitely be able to get there for any post-meal drinks that’re going on, though… 

I made mince pies today to get in the mood!!! 


Ive only just seen this but no chance I could do a school night either, like Rosso I live miles away.

Wow this is tonight. Super excited.

Hope to see some photos

Fantastic evening. Great to see everyone and London Bikers new mascot. Thanks so much to Clair for organising.

Mascot?  What mascot?