LB Christmas Party Friday 14th December 2012

Looks good, i’m in :smiley:

Im in if Gav’s In !

I’m in as well… :slight_smile:

I’m in, subject to work do.

Here’s some dance floor guidance for all those attending.

How to dance properly

would love to go, but mrs has plans as thats my birthday, so have a great safe time,

Nope never free on a Friday

me an the mrs are in .

Is the eCommerce thingy like all IT projects…



Or did I miss the link to it somewhere along the way ?

Can we have an award ceremony? I’ll volunteer to organise it and print out the certificates at work…unless it’s already in hand.

I’m up the road for my work xmas do…I’m gonna try and get down there…probably half cut which will be amusing!

Great idea!

No it’s just we haven’t hit the milestone yet. It’s in sight and the RAG is Green.


Great idea and well volunteered.

I will be in touch! :slight_smile:

I should be in for this! :slight_smile:

Ill give Rixy a fiver on Sunday if hes on the rideout

I’m in

Which Ally are we talking about? lol

Count me in :slight_smile:

Just waiting to find out when my company do is if it doesnt clash will hopefully be there

Click the link above and you can buy tickets through paypal, or you can start a list copy and paste you name in it and i will grab cash off you and mark it as paid. You have to enter a few details but don’t worry its just a demo site we use and i have set it up to sell tickets for LB.

Do one of the LB lot want to turn it into a buy tickets button??

I will make the effort to be at Wednesday and Mondays at the ace and add you name to the pre paid list on the door for the xmas party. I might see if i can sort some wrist bands or tickets by Wednesday.

So the LB list is

Rixxy (PAID)