LB Christmas Party Friday 14th December 2012

Friday 14th December 2012 Walkabout Bar, Temple, London (On Embankment by Temple Tube)

The Details:
We have a roped off area with reserved seating in Temple Walkabout from 6pm. Tickets Are £5.00 in Advance and includes 1 proper Drink (beer, wine etc.) (drinks list to follow) and £1 from all tickets is going to the LAA.
We have the area reserved all night so come with drinking wellies on, but for those who wish to ride there is a large bike bay right outside, along with free parking for bikes from 6pm onwards.
There is a DJ, food and much more for those who have not been there before. Dress code is no tracksuits. Trainers are fine. The venue usually charges an entry price to get in but LB members just need their ticket for entry during the night no matter what time they turn up. Those who turn up without a ticket will have to pay the door price (usually between £5 - £8) BUT that will not include a drink.
If we sell lots of tickets and there is a surplus leftt over we will spend it on mince pies or shots or a holiday for the whole LB family (we would need to sell alot of tickets for that though Smile)

We really want all members support on this, Its taken a bit of time to put together as venues don’t like giving away ANYTHING over the Christmas period.

If you would like tickets or further information then contact:





We’re looking to sort a eCommerce ticket sales solutution out ASAP too - details to follow.

PLEASE don’t leave it until last minute as we want to get a good idea on numbers. ALSO non members are welcome ESP if they loves bikes. (So Hels your mates are more than welcome!)


Damn it, going to Dawns work xmas party that night!:doze:

Blow her out , she wont mind !

She’ll live without you for one evening surely…(I’ll let her off as she’s prebooked :))


please add me to this if you dont mind me along, im no party animal though :satisfied:

Ha, got the works christmas lunch that day, which i will obviously be leaving early to get to this :smiley:

Sounds good…let us know when the eCommerce thingy is sorted.

I’m def. in… With a plus one :slight_smile:

We might come along if the other party is rubbish! :wink:

It’ll get rid of the cob webs. :smiley:

Add me to the list.

Trust me, no cobwebs! :Whistling:

You bunch of cheeky shite bags, Kev I’ve already got a duster thanks, his names Sean.

JC, I thought we were fwends!!! :’(

I am coming!! I am having my Laydeez Xmas Do the day after and I think the work bash is the night before, so it will be the middle of the party weekend :slight_smile: I have also asked the laydeez to the do, as my non biker friends have been to the bash before and they all had a fantastic time. They said they expected it to be all overweight Hells Angels with sawn offs, patches and knuckle dusters, but instead they were suprised to see such a nice looking and civilised bunch :D:P (Right do I get a free ticket now:) )

Sorting tickets out at the moment, will have etickets sorted in next couple of days. If anyone else wants to help us sell some (ally) then let me know!!

Double bubble for me as that is my birthday:P

Hint hint:Whistling:

We’ll give you the bumps before the mince pies then:)

Count me and MetalRed in, PM sent to Rixxy.


After the mince pies could be more interesting…:Whistling:

Looks good to me. I’m in. I’ll post about getting dinner before hand closer to the date.