LB Bowling Night

Just a selection of photos from what I took tonight at Bowling:















Great photos Ang! Looks like a great time! Shame Foxy and I couldn’t make it :frowning: We were in Kent at the time…

Well who got the highest score and who got the lowest score of the night.

Highest score was from Debs a 164 no less. Upset a few of the guys I can tell you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Debs, wish I could get to some of these meet


Well done Debz, i knew them bumpers would come in handy;):w00t:

Looks like you all had a cracking time.

Wish I had come now, instead of sitting in Camden traffic half the night:crazy:

Love the pic of Steve(Yslart) in his leathers and bowling shoes, doesn’t look camp at all!! :smiley:

Looks like you all had a great time, I already had plans for last night but I’ll have to make the effort for the next one!

great pics, I had an awsome night. Really enjoyed meeting everyone! :smiley:

Although I reckon there was some closet pros :wink: “Me oh I cant bowl… Strike!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Terry-Moto for organising a top night out :smiley:

Apart from Nuts changing lane 3 times and teams twice then back again, I think it ran smoothly :smiley:

Terry for Host/Community Contributor :cool:

Feck off Grim :wink:

Yep - what he said!Great score Debs, I couldn’t even make it to 100 :hehe:Photgraphic - I can assure you every time I got a stike it was a complete fluke!

Don’t be like that :smiley: I just thought it would lighten your work load :w00t:

Ok then can you explain to me wot a Host doz…or a community contributor ? :smiley:

Ask the Community Manager :smiley:

Do we have any com contributors ?I already know wot the hosts dont do :D:)

Think he’s took over from Westie :wink:

Theres 7 of 'em but 8 would round it up :wink:

So who’s the com contributors then ?

Chunks, Flats, M9, Charly, Barro, Sneaky and JP :wink:

Agh I see :slight_smile: Na your allright, I’d have me work cut out trying to work with that lot :smiley: Besides I think there all a bit gay :D:)