Lazer Superskin Helmets

These new helmets looks very interesting but I cannot find out where to see and buy one. Does anyone know a stockist of Lazer helmets in London.

They haven’t been released yet, but I am on the case and trying to make sure we get a preview.

Like this one.

course you do… itll look cool

on a scooter :stuck_out_tongue:

Or these ones -

I emailed the distributor and he very kindly phoned me. Apparently they have only just taken on the distributorship and have only one outlet - a shop in Norwich. Also they have not received many of the new helmets and most will be going to journalists for review. They are hoping to sign up some dealers in London in the next few months.

The upshot is - do not expect to be able to see one or buy one soon unless you live in Norwich!.

Yea, one of them being at LB :wink:
May also have a chat with the inventor.

Got one this morning.

First impression is that the skin is strange looking hehe!
More to come.

Has anybody found one of these helmets in a shop?

I want to try one on and am very interested in buying one, but don’t know where. I emailed the distributor, but I have not heard anything back.

Also, has there been an extensive LB review? I found the interview with the inventor etc, but couldn’t find an in-dept review.

no we’ve not had our hands on one properly, perhaps we could get one down to borough one week. mmmm ok there’s a thought.