LAYDEES...peeing in one-piece leathers !!!

i saw this on Dragons Den on the telly …and i had to buy one…and IT WORKS!!!..

no more dropping the drawers in laybys and fields…(not unless you wanna!!)…

now we can pee standing up like the fellas… just like we ride bikes like the fellas !


(unless you know better???)

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HER INDOORS FOR CHRISTMAS… (although i prefer diamonds myself!)

no sal there used in the sport of hurling but let me know if yah gonna use whilst on a ride out and i’ll find yah a tree

i will be demonstrating on a ride-out…yes…but only to the laydees thank you!!!

sorry sal but if ya gonna pee standing up you have to join the lad’s

not a problem with my handy coverall device matey !!

so do you think you’ll have a prefrence now you can pee standing up mate e.g tree, wall, n/s wheel of a truck its ok to come out sal its been months for you without your old man know and i understand that mixing with the lads has had an adverse effect.

ive always been given preference mate!!!..and now more so… ha ha ha

and im sure Ty will be facinated when he watches me pee like a bloke too

and as for coming out!..ive been let out for years now…they said im safe

i must add that…

as with all peeing upright…its ok out of doors as it dont matter where it goes, but im having trouble with my aim in the loo

any tips fellas???

and of course… i always lift the lid !

My only concern with this “device” of yours is hygene, Sally, we boys can shake our kn@bs off and let nature do the cleansing, whilst you are carrying around that pongy pi$$ stained funnel on you all day? don’t you think that “thang” is going to get well funky?

LOL like it! Got a very good point though girls!

well thank you for your concerns on my hygene Captain…much appreciated

from the packaging blurb it has a liquid repellent coating which ensures no drips or splashes and it gets stored in a resealable bag …when you get to the next services etc you can rinse it through

and as we all know urine is sterile when leaving the body … and its our other excretions which get a bit funky (aaahem!)

it takes a bit of practice and it is the weirdest feeling in the world standing to pee…

LOL…you lot crack me up they are a brilliant invention,not saying i’d use one though…i’d be to embarressed!!

blimey girl…aint it more embarrasing getting caught on the side of the road with your arse being leered at by all the truckers

Blade your comments here please!!!

it has a dual purpose you could use for drinking tea without the annoying removal of your crash helmet


and an excellent idea too…

i will have to buy another for said purpose…although i wouldnt wanna get them mixed up!

they also come with an additional pipe attachment and i wondered what it was for??? i know…Tea anyone???

For your info (as we are on the issue): when I went to Glastonbury they had urinators for girls (one of my friend tried it, I was stopped at the entrance ). They used to give similar sort of things but disposable. I’m sure you can find them as well.

thanks Francesco…but there are never none when you need one at the side of the road .!! …so best carry your own…

and isnt life full of too many disposable items to be discarded along the wayside!!!

(p.s. you were stopped at the entrance??? :ermm


Can they be fitted into your leathers?

WIth a plastic pipe attached you would not have to get off the bike …

sweetheart…they call them catheters…!!

and im hoping they fit one to me soon to save me all the bother

Might have one floating around somewhere from my med kit!!!