Law Pupilage

My housemate has a law degree and she is having difficulty finding pupilage. Do any of you legal biker types have any opportunities or contacts. She is really cool and she might have to move out if she doesn’t get pupilage soon which would be crap as she is a great housemate.

Fleet Street is the way to go! I know a few barristers there but it depends on what type of law she wants…

By pupilage I assume she wants to become a barrister/has done the BVC?

There was a fantastic series on the BBC at the end of last year/start of this year - and you can find the episodes on Youtube split into 10 minute chunks.

Relevant because a large section of time was devoted to following students trying to get pupilages - pupils trying to get tenancy.

It is a real struggle to get anywhere unless you are absolutely the top of your field academically … only one in five people who do the exams/train to be a barrister will ever get to stand up in front of a judge and present a case … and best of all - you are self employed … so until you’ve “made it” and the money is rolling in - you are stuffed

Best of luck to her anyway - and even though I’m sure she won’t learn anything from the Youtube videos - tell her to watch them anyway - I really enjoyed them :slight_smile:

List of available pupillages is here (once you register): Although she should already be aware of it as it is the main system for application.

There is some useful guidance here:

I know some Chambers specialising in Civil Litigation/PI/Land Law but personally went down the Solicitor Advocate route for Litigation (which may in the future be a more robust pathway). She would very much need to focus her search by specialism - spread too thinly she will be discarded immediately. I would also suggest following up on any work experience she has had with other institutions/firms. It is often who you know in this industry.

She can also try CABs and Pro Bono work to increase her contacts: or from your law school - mine, for example had this:

Another good one is to qualify as a Paralegal: and build up your experience and contacts that way. I did this with the NAPL. You can also do extra courses (like Police Station Attendance/PACE etc).

Good luck - its really hard out there and there arent a lot of nice people in the industry! Hence I moved over to Banking & Compliance! :smiley:

Thanks all. That’s really good advice.