Laughter Chain



Dude - I have just pissed myself :smiley: :w00t::w00t:I was chuckling by the second fella but as soon as the old geezer started with his " your , your , your , " bit , it was all over !!!

And WTF was going in with the last woman eh - sounded like midnight at London Zoo !!

Gotta go down as an all time fave Shane - I love you dude :D:D:D This one always makes me giggleโ€“3q4fOL5g&feature=related Hours of fun eh :smiley:

It made me laugh.:smiley:

Oh, man - my cheeks hurt! That was great! :smiley: :laugh:

I proper laughed, eyes watering and all.That last woman sounded like my old Fiat Uno that I used to own, trying to start it in the morning.