Lathe skills required

Hopefully i will be the owner of a modern good quality metal working lathe be tomorrow , only one problem…i had a go with a lathe once about ten yrs ago and that is the full extent of my knowledge .
I do have a few books but really need someone with the necessary expertise to come over to my place for a few hours to show me some basics , mainly so i dont kill myself or the machine .

Willing to pay reasonable hourly rate but dont want to get involved in going to evening classes or anything like that and learn to make candlesticks .

Sticking a.few.candles in is probably a good idea … Cant bust much milling wax )))

you looked on youtube it sounds strange but you can learn to do anything on there

No it dont sound strange and yes i have seen quite a bit of stuff , i’v also seen how to hone your knife throwing skills on youtube but you know what …i am not sure i could hurl a 10" projectile of potential death towards a young lady strapped to a spinning wheel no matter how many times i watched the film .

My ex learnt how to use a lathe by watching vids on YouTube… He used to make us vampire stakes for when the zombie’s came :crazy:

Hang on , let me see…nope , not on my list of essential items to make at the moment so i probably don’t need his number .

There must be some turners on here .

what lathe have you bought hobby or full blown

what do you want to make ?

what material ferrious ,nonferrious ?

what tooling do you have .

you get best results using coolant so a suds tray and pump are required

i grew up using a colchester 2000 from leaving school machining for 15 years and milling

Lathe work and milling?

Bugger! More things to add to my list of redundant/mostly forgotten skills.

As I recall from the days of smelling of soluble oil coolant, the first thing to get is “Molesworth’s book of workshop practice.” Or something like that.

Sets out all the cutting speeds, feed speed, tools shapes and angles and lots and lots more to get the work done right.

Second thing is a half decent bench grinder to make/sharpen/maintain your own cutting tools.

It’s a bit of a steep learning curve but once things start going right and you get confidence, serendipity.

Havnt actually got it yet just closing on ebay but if i dont win i will get another.
Its a warco wm250 with extras and tooling tho i dont know axactly what. Have a budget for more stuff but will be looking for exactly that sort of advice once it is installed.
I guess ally / brass bushes and spacers is what i have in mind for now as i am regulary having to make wheels /disks etc fit where they were not meant to be , but its really just an extention to the welding/brazing/general stuff that i do on a weekend.

i am in the croydon area will post up when i am ready to go.

you`ll be better off with one of these

ok best tip i can give as it must be longer since i used one …

don’t leave the effing chuck key in !!!

+1 on that advice, they fly quite well though:w00t:

Chuck keys? At least they are cheap.

For a real moment, try having the tool holder out on the left of the table and leaving it on autofeed so that it’s beyond the end of the feed screw.

The tool holder/chuck interface on the old Colchester “Graduate” gets quite interesting. And expensive.

That Chester machine looks the dog’s for a small lathe. But I always get worried about these “do everything” bits of kit.